an eye (and ear) opener”

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Katie composes music which interweaves original material with song, chant and mantra from global traditions.  
She has released three albums - The Singing Tree, Shiva's Rain and Empty Cup.  
Other Releases include guest vocals on Ankle by The False Beards, contributions to compilations Weirdlore, Echoes From the Mountain and an EP of folk songs - fol-de-rose.  Katie also composed a piece to accompany the award winning film about the Dalai Lama, Road to Peace and was part of an innovative collaborative project Croydon Composers 2017 produced by Shri Sriram.

Katie has performed at events, festivals and venues including, Union Chapel, Cecil Sharpe House, Green Note, Croydon Mela and Scream Lounge.   For 5 years she was artist in residence at InSpiral Lounge, Camden and ran 49 monthly Garden of Roses events featuring over 100 artists.   She has performed alongside artists including Gill Manly, Tom Morley (Founder of Scritti Politti)  Barefoot Doctor and Basement Jaxx, The False Beards, Sarah Fisher and Anima Acapella Group.


Music is one of the most powerful tools of communication in this world.  It evokes powerful feeling states and memorable experiences.  Katie can compose original material to make your event, product or project unforgettable. 

Project Porfolio includes:
Sing for Water -
composing & conducting original choral pieces and arrangements at mass choral Thames Festival events
Celebrating Shakespeare - two arrangements of Shakespeare's sonnets at the invitation of Raficq Abdulla, MBE, performed by Anima Acapella Group at the Ismaili Centre.
Life of Breath - sound editing for launch event video with artist Jayne Wilton 
Soul Calls - composition for Master of Voice Stewart Pearce 
Take Care - song for Children's Charities at UnTangled FM
Road to Peace - Love & Compassion - a piece to accompany the award-winning film about the Dalai Lama 
7 Graces of Marketing - original piece for global conference 
Writing From The Heart - original piece for online writing conference 

Please contact me for further information.