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38 Singing Loves

38 Singing Lves
Dear Friend
I’ve made it through another year on earth and to celebrate here are 38 things I love about singing with much love and gratitude to all of YOU for being part of my singing journey.

My birthday wish is that we create a tidal wave of singing love so please do take a moment to close your eyes and sing a heartfelt AH of love for our world. 

Also if you feel inspired, please do throw some pennies in my virtual fundraising bucket as I’m going to be taking part in Sing for Water at the Thames Festival raising funds for WaterAid projects bringing clean water and sanitation to some of the world’s poorest communities -  Click here to visit my Just Giving Page

38 Singing Loves
1. Exaltation - singing makes the spirit soar
2. Breath - singing is literally inspiring - as patients from the Singing for Breathing programme testify
3. Listening - singing helps us listen to ourselves and each other
4. Transformation - singing changes our lives, one note at a time
5. Togetherness - singing bring us into unison and empathic connection with others
6. Bridge building - singing crosses all social, religious and cultural boundaries and helps us remember our common humanity
7. Peace promoting - singing is a powerful tool of peaceful communication
8. Creativity - singing stimulates our imagination and charges our enthusiasm
9. Self Expression - singing liberates our authentic expression
10. Presence - singing helps us become powerfully present in the moment
11. Mental Gym - singing improves our concentration, focus, alertness and memory
12. Emotional Balance - singing helps our feelings get in e-motion
13. Body Boost - singing helps us become more embodied, grounded
14. Joie de Vivre - singing boosts our vitality with a host of health benefits
15. Empowerment - singing helps us discover and express our power appropriately
16. Taking a Stand - singing enables us to raise our voices for change in our world
17. Courage - singing enables us to access our core strength
18. Possibility - singing helps us discover new territories
19. Learning - singing is an journey of self-development
20. Teaching - singing can help us educate one another
21. Dancing - singing gets our toes tapping and our hands clapping to irresistible rhythms
22. Laughter - singing gets us giggling
23. Bogey-buster - singing helps us bust fears, stresses and sticky issues
24. Multi-sensory - singing engages all our senses
25. Stories - singing can help us share important stories and oral traditions
26. Ancestral - singing can connect us with the wisdom of those that have gone before
27. Culture - singing connects us with our roots and helps us learn from other cultures
28. Social - singing is a core part of social occasions - from the Happy Birthday song to football chants
29. Originality - singing helps us connect with our uniqueness and inspires innovation
30. Heart opening - singing helps us to listen, follow and express the song in our heart
31. Trust - singing inspires more trust in ourselves and with each other
32. Interdisciplinary - singing connects with many other artforms
33. Intergenerational - singing can bring together elders, adults, young people, children and babies
34. Harmony - singing helps us listen and harmonise with each other
35. Catharsis - singing can helps us express, release, cleanse and let go
36. Performance - singing supports our presentation and performance skills
37. Charity - singing can be part of our social contribution
38.  Infinity - singing connects us to the big cosmic symphony of which we are all a unique note

Sending you a big AH of Love and Gratitude for a wonderful songful summer
Love and Blessings