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🌹 🎶 Courageous Stupidity


Dear Friend

🌹 🎶  November News 🎶🌹
In this month's newsletter
*Winter Sparkle - a big sparkly invitation to a big sparkly concert on 11th Dec
*Blog - Courageous Stupidity - creating on the edge!
*Autumn Soup - a poem inspired by Autumn + Inspiration Corner 
*Choirs what, where, when to come and sing
*Coaching - ready to bring on a vocal revolution in your world? let's talk!

🌹 🎶  Courageous Stupidity 🎶🌹
Courage is Knowing It Might Hurt and Doing it Anyway: Stupidity is the Same.
That is Why Life is Hard - Jeremy Goldberg
 It's also why life is funny, quirky, exciting, playful and maddeningly uncertain!
In any kind of creative endeavour, including singing, we have to be willing to look stupid.  In martial arts classes, the first thing we learned was how to fall - weeks of roly-polys building the courage to face the inevitability of stupidity.  After a while, it became quite fun and not so scary to fall.  Which is the same with singing or any other risk-taking adventure.

There's a wonderful laugh that rings through a choir when we all make a big clanger. The liberation is palpable - it's such a relief to be human together. Then we have another go and it's better because we've let go of something that was getting in the way - which oftentimes is trying too hard. 

Singing often involves letting go of what is in the way - unhelpful thoughts, judgements, conditioning, fears - including the fear of looking stupid. It does take courage, but the reward is that we get closer to the essence of who we are - like Michaelangelo revealing the angel in the stone as he carved.  As we let go, something courageous and stupidly beautiful can be born.

Nothing in the digital world can replace the lived experience of being in a room breathing and making sounds with other people and not quite knowing how it's going to work out. When I'm out in front of people, I'm right on the courageous-stupid edge.  And yes, whilst it sometimes terrifies me and I know we'd all like to run away, the Bear Hunt story teaches us we can't go round/ over/ under it, we have to go through it.  Creativity happens out there on the edge - it needs to live and breathe with passion, inspiration and dynamism - that's why we love it.

So wherever you are in your explorations this November, I hope you can give yourself permission to let go a little more, breathe a little deeper, laugh a little louder, sing a little more courageously, dance a little more stupidly -
I am cheering you on!

Thank you for staying tuned
Look forward to seeing and singing with you soon!
Your friend in courageous stupidity,

@katierosewindow on the Socials

🌹 🎶Autumn Soup Recipe 🎶 🌹
What's cooking in your Autumn Soup this year?
A poem inspired by Beth Kempton's Autumn Writing Sanctuary. 
Autumn Leaves from my album Flame.

🌹 🎶 Inspiration Corner  🎶 🌹
The Woman King - extraordinarily courageous badass performances from Viola Davis and crew as the renowned female Agojie warriors
Mitcham Arts Collective - come along to the launch of this courageous new collective of creatives doing good things in the local community on 25th November
Winter Sparkle - A Magical Midwinter Concert
Songs to uplift, soothe and inspire from the heart and soul of community
Warmly inviting you to join us for a magical afternoon of singing and delicious afternoon tea in the beautiful ambience of St John the Evangelist.

* Welcome Choir * BLG Mind Wellbeing Choir
* Caterham Community Choir * Carers Support Centre Choir
* The Hive Community Choir* St Christopher's Community Choir

Led by Katie Rose
With Sarah Fisher

Sunday 11th December
Doors open 2.00pm, Concert starts 2.30pm and finishes 4.30pm latest.
St John the Evangelist Upper Norwood, Sylvan Rd, SE19 2RX

Afternoon Tea - available to buy - proceeds to St John's

Tickets: by sliding scale donation
Book in advance to receive a special e-programme and avoid queues/ disappointment.
On-the-door payments by card only, no cash or cheques

Travel - free parking in the streets, car shares recommended.
Bus - 410 bus stops right outside or other bus routes to Crystal Palace 
Crystal Palace Station is 10-15 minutes walk away

Info: Katie Rose

Do share the love and forward this invitation to friends - thankyou! 

Looking forward to sharing this special occasion with you! 
Book here

🌹 🎶Welcome Choir 🎶🌹
Warm, welcoming lively choir who laugh as much as they sing!
Thursdays 7.00-8.30pm, St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX,
First session free, then pay by term. More information  Facebook Page
 Christmas Busk @Crystal Palace Foodmarket - 3rd December midday

🌹 🎶Breathe Harmony NHS Staff Choir 🎶🌹
Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS staff choir
Wishing a big Happy 10th Birthday to Breathe Arts Health Research
Led by Musical Directors Mike King & Katie Rose More information

🌹 🎶  BLG Mind Bromley Recovery College Wellbeing Choir🎶🌹
Led by Musical Directors Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 2.30-4pm, Azelia Hall, 258 Croydon Road, Beckenham, BR3 4DA

🌹 🎶 Carers Support Centre Choir 🎶🌹
Sing & Shine - Singing Respite Sessions for Carers. 
Weds 10.30-11.45am, Carers Support Centre, 24 George Street, CR01PG 
Free for Croydon Carers More information

🌹 🎶 Caterham Community Choir 🎶🌹
Co-Directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 7-9pm, de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, CR3 5YX Facebook Page

🌹 🎶 HeartSong 🎶🌹
Happy heartwarming harmonies
Bi-monthly Singing on Fridays 2-4pm Next session: 25th November
Holwell Village Hall, Pirton Lane, SG5 3SS

🌹 🎶 Heart & Lung Songs 🎶🌹
Fun Friendly Singing for Cardiac and Respiratory Patients
Overseen by the Respiratory Physio Team at St George's Hospital 
Hybrid Sessions @ All Saints Church, Brudenell Rd, London SW17 8DQ
Carol Sing @ St George's Hospital - 8th December @ 2pm

🌹 🎶 St Christopher's Hospice Choir 🎶🌹
Your voice matters - compassionate empowering singing
Weds 6.30pm - 8pm , St Christopher’s CARE, St Christopher’s Hospice
51-59 Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham London, SE26 6DZ  More information

🌹 🎶 Vocal Revolution

Claim the joy, power and magic of your voice & creative expression.
Bespoke coaching to bring on a revolution in your creative world.
For singers, songwriters & speakers and creatives on a mission...

Find out more
Book a free 20-minute consultation

I sang like I never sang in my life! - Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer