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A New Season of Song


Dear Friend

🌹🎶A New Season of Song 🎶🌹 
The falling leaves, drift by my window...
So here in London, the strange summer of lockdown easing and variegated weather is passing, as we turn towards the time of burnt leaves falling. I always get that nostalgic back to school feeling and the desire to rustle papers, sharpen pencils and start harvesting.

There is much afoot in this mad old world, we face global crises of the pandemic, climate change and the tragic situation in Afghanistan plus our own local and personal concerns.

Creativity - and of course singing - offers us a huge source of resilience - a means by which we can channel, express, transcend, release and process our experiences - which can be both deeply personal and bring us into deeper connection with each other.  

In my latest episode of Vocal Revolution I share the story and insights gleaned from making my album Flame over lockdown. When the world is in many places literally on fire, we can, I believe, embrace the challenges and burn through, dedicating ourselves to building a better world for everyone - or as the Isley Brothers would sing, a Harvest for the World.

So let's keep claiming and raising our voices as we follow our
noses, hearts and creative callings into the new season.

Things I'm excited about for Autumn include:
Special Hope Concert with some very special artists - more soon!
20th Anniversary Sing for Water Event @ The Scoop on 19th Sept
* Being able to sing safely in person indoors with my Choirs!
All welcome to come for a FREE Open Sing on 16th Sept 
@ St John the Evangelist, SE19 2RX, 7.00-8.30pm
Scroll down for lots of lovely info & other things :)

Wishing you abundant harvesting and joyful resilience
this September

🌹 🎶 Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly - 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

🌹 🎶   BIG THANKYOU! 🎶🌹
For staying tuned... it really does mean alot to me!
🌹 🎶 Autumn Singing  🎶🌹
Choirs enjoying the magic of singing indoors, outdoors and online!
Ready to sing or have choir questions? Drop me a line!
🌹 🎶 Free Open Session with Welcome Choir 🌹 🎶
Thursday 16th Sept 7-8.30pm
Very excited to be starting our new Autumn Term of singing in our airy spacious hall at St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood

"Pure joy of learning to sing with others. I didn't think I could sing, I can't read music and I had no faith in my voice. Katie helped me to find the courage to try.” - Anna

Click here for more info
RSVP - We'd love to sing with you! 

🌹 🎶Hive Community Choir 
Come & Connect!

The Hive is a free drop in lunch and social run in the Church Hall at St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX on Wednesdays.   

Enjoy a warm meal 1-2pm,
Followed by a fun sing song around the piano 2-3pm. 

Over August we enjoyed singing gospel, calypso, Bob Marley and pop for a special Carnival session with a Caribbean Feast!

The Choir is funded by One Croydon Alliance
Find us on Facebook

Sing for Water London 2021
Sunday 19th Sept, 2.30pm

Come and help us make a big singing splash for WaterAid at our 20th Anniversary event at the Scoop. A sea of singers from choirs across the country join voices in a special watery repertoire.

Free to attend, donations to WaterAid very welcome - every note sung and penny raised makes a difference. Virtual bucket:
🌹 🎶 Singing for Wellbeing 
Lung Songs have relaunched with special hybrid in person/ zoom sessions at Tooting Works
Fingers crossed, the Carers Support Centre will re-open and our choir for Croydon Carers can enjoy meeting in person again
HeartSong are also hoping for a hearty sing on 24th Sept in Holwell, Herts after a very long pause....
🌹 🎶 Summer Holiday Album 🎶🌹
Thanks to everyone who came along to sing at special summer events including Inside Out @ Beckenham Park Place, Chaldon Church & Sphinx Sing.

🌹 🎶Creative Coaching 🎶🌹
Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

Bespoke coaching to liberate your amazing voice

Public Speaking is our No 1 fear, studies show, above death!  It's completely understandable to get the collywobbles and it's completely possible to enjoy the magic of joyful, empowered singing and speaking.

Tailored to your unique voice and goals... whether you want to give a kickass wedding song/ speech, feel fabulous giving presentations or sing so well in the shower that your neighbours bring you flowers, coaching will support you to meet your goals and deliver with confidence. 

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation