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A Singing Christmas Stocking!


Dear Singing Friend

A Christmas Singing Stocking!
Happy December! - here's this month's offering -
a Singing Stocking full of music, musings and magic.

At the end of this extraordinary year, I share with you these gifts...
feel free to share the love.. they're free and widely available!

Thank you for being here, for staying connected and reading this!

I am so grateful to everyone who has sung, donated, contributed.
Thank you for your generosity, kindness and resilience.

2. The Power of Breath and Song to hold us 
In the midst of multiple forms of loss, lockdown has shown me how breath and song can hold us. Just taking a deep breath in sync brings us into empathic connection.  Choirs have discovered that even when we can't hear each other we can still sing together. Amazing!  

3. Vocal Freedom
Despite the restrictions of lockdown, this has been an unprecedented year of people claiming the freedom and power of their voices.  The global Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd released marginalised voices and put dialogue about anti-racism centre stage.  It was heartening this week to see supermarkets uniting around Christmas adverts that truly represent our diverse communities. 
In my Vocal Revolution Zoomcast, Esther Austin and I reflect on this powerful liberation of voices and how we can stay tuned to our own authentic voice.

4. Creative Contribution
This year of collective retreat has prompted reflection on how we contribute and connect locally and globally.  The shared crisis of Covid has, I hope, made us more aware of being a global community, whilst still honouring our diversity.  For many of us, experiencing restrictions renews our commitment to address ongoing social oppression - poverty, inequality, war and violence. 
One cause that is important to me is The Circle, Annie Lennox's Charity for Girls and Women Worldwide. Reflecting this year on the Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women (25th Nov), it feels even more important, given that lockdown has precipitated a crisis in domestic violence.  I talk more about this in my Facebook Live and invite you, if you are able to contribute their End Violence Appeal - donations given between 1st-8th December will be doubled.

5. LOVE 
As the preciousness of life and love has truly been brought home this year,
here's a little song that came to me and a whole bunch of music, reflections and invitations to fill your stocking full of singing...

May this unusual Christmas be full of the true gifts of what really matters,
the fundamentals of life - the solace of nature, the love of friends and family, the songs in our hearts.

Thank you so much for staying tuned! 
Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

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Don't Hold Back 
A little 4 part, 2 beret ditty that came to me
at the end of a year that showed us how precious life is.