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For You: Singing Christmas Card + Festive Hibernation Kit from Katie Rose 🌹🎶


A Year in Song 2021
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Dear Friend

🌹 🎶 For You: Singing Christmas Card
+ Festive Hibernation Kit from Katie Rose xxx

From me to you:  this year's Singing Christmas Card (above)
comes with huge thanks to everyone who has sung with me over this wild ride of a year.  It's been amazing to see the power of song in action, indoors, outdoors, on zoom, lifting spirits and bringing respite.
THANKYOU for shining your big singing light in the world.

🌹🎶  Festive Hibernation Kit  🎶🌹
Only two sleeps to go until Santa comes and I am madly overexcited and also merrily exhausted by the mad pandemic festive sleigh ride.
I'm looking forward to spending precious times with my special peeps and enjoying some down time.  Taking a lead from Baloo the Bear, here's some thoughts on how we can use festive hibernation for self-care, renewing ourselves for 2022.

Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife...

As every bear knows, appreciating the bare necessities is one of Mother Nature's recipes for allowing life's goodness to shine through.  Celebrating everyday beauty - bright frosty mornings, dew drops hanging in spiders webs - connects us with the amazing miracle that is life itself, powering through the cells of our amazing bodies.   We can nurture a vital sense of physical wellbeing by moving in joyful ways, spending time in nature, nourishing ourselves with wholesome food, boosting our immunity with Vitamin D, Echinacea and blasting out the winter nasties with turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne, lemon and honey.
 To work off the Christmas Pudding, why not sing along and do all the actions to the 12 Days of Christmas!?!

You're working too hard, And don't spend your time lookin' around
For something you want that can't be found..

Taking the time just to hang out in the present, bear style, is relieving for our busy minds.  Being discerning about what we feed our minds is good self-care - we can be selective about our media engagement and tune in to positive, inspiring content helps us learn and grow. Hibernation is a great time to dig into our favourite podcasts, books, films and music.
Thanks to my amazing guests, there's a treasure trove of wisdom available on the Vocal Revolution Podcast - listen on Apple Podcasts.or watch on Youtube.

So just try and relax, yeah cool it... Fall apart in my backyard...
The spiritual teacher Ram Dass once said 'if you think you're enlightened, spend a week with your family.'  Families are complex and can sometimes push all our buttons, all at once! When our Christmas spirit has been stretched to the max, it's important to build in safety valves to blow off steam - whether that's a power walk/ run/ dance, loud sing in the shower or a good vent in a journal/ to a trusted friend.
If you need a safe space to process and reclaim/ redirect your creativity in 2022 do drop me a line to book a free 20 minute coaching consultation.

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam, I couldn't be fonder of my big home 
The bees are buzzin' in the tree, To make some honey just for me..

So many midwinter festivals - Hannukkah, Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Diwali - encourage us to find light in the darkness.   Challenging times can require focussed contemplation to alchemise the gold from chaos.  Stilling and slowing down offers vital rest, respite and space for new ideas, dreams, visions and solutions to pop up.  Hunkering down in hibernation allows us to come home to ourselves and find the honey that bears love!

Wishing you and yours a safe, joyful, peaceful, restful festive season

Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 

🌹 🎶   BIG THANKYOU! 🎶🌹
For staying tuned and singing your song!
Much good singing vibes!
🌹 🎶 New Year Singing Calendar  🎶🌹
Is it one of your new years resolution to start singing? - Drop me a line!

🌹 🎶Welcome Choir 🎶🌹
Thursdays 7-8.30pm at St John the Evangelist, SE19 2RX
Back from Jan 13th

🌹 🎶Breathe Harmonix NHS Choir 🎶🌹
Honoured to be collaborating with Mike King & Breathe Arts 
Mike's Concert is postponed until Spring.

🌹 🎶 Carers Support Centre Choir 🎶🌹
Weds 10.30-11.45am, Carers Support Centre,
24 George Street, Croydon, CR01PG 

Twice a month, from Jan 12th

🌹 🎶 Caterham Community Choir 🎶🌹
Tuesdays 7-9pm, de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, CR3 5YX
Back from January 4th

🌹 🎶 HeartSong 🎶🌹
Holwell Village Hall, Pirton Lane, SG5 3SS
Bi-monthly New Year Singing from Jan 28th

🌹 🎶 Heart & Lung Songs 🎶🌹
Hybrid Sessions @ Tooting Works from Jan 6th
At the moment we are not able to take new members

🌹 🎶 Creative Coaching
Gift yourself and your loved ones the joy, power and magic of creativity this festive season. 

Bespoke 121 coaching sessions to help you transform dreams into reality, inhibition into inspiration and colly-wobbles into courageous creativity!  - find out more
“Katie is an inspirational teacher. Her warmth, encouragement and friendly support enabled me to overcome my fears, "find my voice" and enjoy singing. After just a few lessons, I now have the confidence to join a community choir.” — Cath