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How to Sparkle in the Dark


Dear Friend

 How to Sparkle in the Dark

Sending lots of singing sparkles to you, wherever you are and however you're feeling at this moment on the Coronacoaster ride. 
At this time of year in the UK, we would usually be gathering with friends and family to enjoy the tricks and treats of the festive season.  As we face a second lockdown with many different levels of loss, it is absolutely understandable to be experiencing grief, anger, anxiety and disorientation. 
So here's a little offering to help us sparkle in the dark.

1. Connect with Contagious Joy and Laughter
Joy is a fundamental part of our being, of our psyche, because it’s just such a WOW experience. - Joe Hoare, Laughing Yogi, Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
We've all seen how the infectious burbles of a baby laughing can get everyone smiling.  Humour is an incredibly contagious tool in tough times.  
I've long wanted to share the wisdom of my inspirational friends and colleagues and lockdown has given me the space to do it - as we've all now become Zoom Video Stars, I've created a monthly Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
My first guest is Laughing Yogi, Joe Hoare, because laughter, as they say, is the shortest distance between two people and we all laugh in the same language.  Do enjoy chuckling along with us on the video, where Joe shares his top tips for staying connected to joy in tough times and shines light on how
there's been lots of the right sort of contagiousness from some of the wrong sort of contagiousness.

2.  Be Guided by Shining Lights
We had to play because the Red Cross came three times a year. The Germans wanted to show its representatives that the situation of the Jews in Theresienstadt was good. Whenever I knew that I had a concert, I was happy. Music is magic. We performed in the council hall before an audience of 150 old, hopeless, sick and hungry people. They lived for the music.
It was like food to them. If they hadn't come they would have died long before. As we would have. - Alice Herz-Sommer

In times of great challenge, we can draw solace from the wisdom of shining lights who endured, survived and found a way to alchemise great suffering.  Listening to their voices can bring us hope, encouragement and guidance. On our Zoomcast, Joe told the inspirational story of pianist Alice Herz Sommer, who describes above how music supported her to find joy and survive in the horrors of the Holocaust.  Alice lived to the age of 110, and her wisdom has been shared in many documentaries where she says: 
Life is beautiful, love is beautiful, nature and music are beautiful.
Everything is a present.

3.  Groovy Gratitude Celebrates Everything! 
Stop and smell the flowers
And lose it in sweet music and dance with me
Cause there is beauty in the world - Macy Gray, Beautiful World

Gratitude is an essential part of any self-care toolkit and helps us celebrate ourselves, our lives and each other.  During lockdown I learned to treasure every small victory, every beautiful thing - seeing a friend in person is now a five star deluxe treat and autumnal walks are a technicolour feast.  
As music can help tune us into thankfulness,
here's my Gratitude Grooves Playlist. 
What and who would be on your sparkly Gratitude Playlist?  
As the word compliment comes from Latin meaning to fill up or complete, who can you uplift and celebrate by gifting them a big thank you?
Together, we can sparkle in the dark and spread contagious joy, wisdom, laughter and gratitude.
Thank you for being sparkly you!

Come Sing and Sparkle! 
All sessions are taking place online via Zoom in November
Singers Salon - Being the Song 
develop your special solo singing sparkle - 6 Weds evenings starting Nov 4th
Creative Coaching - claim the joy, power and magic of your voice.
Choirs - connect with sparkly singing communities

Sunday Session - Chai Day- November 22nd 3-4.30pm - dedicated to helping end gender violence - bring a cup of chai, poem, story, song or reflection. Donations welcome to The Circle.
More info on my website

Thank you so much for staying tuned! 
Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes