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Love's a Flame... setting the world on fire with song!


ūüĆĻūüé∂¬†Flame ... it's here!
My new album is now complete and I can't wait to share it with you!!!
Warmly inviting you to join me as my very special guest at my album launch 

Friday 30th July 7pm
Attend in person/ online
St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX

Passing through the fires of love, Flame charts a passageway through sparks of joyful ecstasy, the burning of betrayal and the embers of love lost and remembered.

I'll be playing tracks from the album with special guests Mike King & Marcia (Muna) Escoffery plus Q&A with Mistress of Ceremonies, Gill Manly. 
OldSkoolDJ will be playing a soulful, jazzy set.

St John's is a vastly, spacious venue with wonderful acoustics. A Covid-secure venue, we will be doing everything possible to ensure a safe event, even if restrictions are fully lifted.  Livestream available for anyone who would like to beam in on Zoom.

We want everyone to be able to attend so please donate according to what fits your pandemic pocket.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement
it really means the world to me and I really hope you enjoy the album!
Tickets & Info

Flame - It's Album Launch Month!
Dear <<First Name>>

Love's a Flame..
Setting the world on fire with song!

In this month's edition of the Rose Window Newsletter:
ūüĆĻ¬†Flame Album Launch -¬†Tickets now available!!¬†
¬†ūüĆĻ¬†¬†BLOG/ ZOOMCAST¬†-¬†The Speaker's Voice¬†with Elaine Powell

ūüĆĻ ¬†COACHING -¬†claim the joy, magic and power of your voice

Thank you for listening, reading and staying tuned!
Sending you all a big singing hug

ūüĆĻ ūüé∂¬†The¬†Speaker's¬†Voice¬†ūüé∂ūüĆĻ
On this month's episode of Vocal Revolution 
(video below - or listen on Apple Podcasts)
Elaine Powell - Professional Speaker,  Peak Performance
& Public Speaking Coach

 Research shows that Public Speaking is our No 1 fear, above death!  Elaine shares her golden nuggets of wisdom on how to create an unstoppable mindset and become a confident, powerful communicator.   

Elaine's websites:
Elaine's Get on a Ted Stage Course -

1. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable
The growth is in the stretch - Elaine Powell
Talking about the main inhibitors of public speaking - lack of confidence, fear of failure and perfectionism, Elaine encourages us to listen to the way we talk to ourselves and to address our fears honestly.  It's absolutely natural and normal to feel nervous about public speaking, especially if it's new to us, as it can trigger powerful flight or fight survival responses.  The good news is that we can develop both the skills and mindset to grow beyond our discomfort.  We can access states of powerful, creative expression and enjoy an authentic experience with our audiences in the moment.

2. Let Go!
Trust that life is always for me - Elaine Powell
Elaine shares her deep insights about getting into a flow state of surrender when she speaks.  One of the fundamental strategies she recommends, like many of my other guests, is breathing deeply, so that we can row, row, row our boats gently down the stream.  Rather than battle ourselves, we can learn to trust in the stories and wisdom we have, not just within us, but in everything around us - the whole universe!

3. You Have a Voice for a Reason
Get in touch with your why, know that you've gone through whatever you've gone through for a reason and part of that reason is to make a huge difference in someone else's life - they're waiting to hear from you - Elaine Powell
One of the things that helps us surrender our fears about speaking is connecting to a bigger purpose for our voices.  For me personally, this dissolves self consciousness which is usually small minded worries and insecurities.  A Big Why has the power to inspire, uplift and soothe not just ourselves but also to enchant and enthral our audience. It enables us to alchemise our experiences into heart spun gold for our listeners.  By sharing our hard won wisdom from our life lessons, our voices become a vessel of transformation.  Whether it's having a chat with someone on the bus, posting on social media or giving a speech onstage, your story can bring hope, comfort and encouragement to others.  

Your Responses
We'd love to hear what you gleaned from this episode/ blog!
Please do let us know in the video/ podcast comments or drop me a line!
Your voice matters and can bring great service to this mad, crazy world.  May we all be bold and brave this July in sharing our wisdom and creativity generously with each other.

ūüĆĻ ūüé∂¬†Be well, be safe,
breathe deep, sing loudly - 

Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
Transforming the world through voice
ūüĆĻ ūüé∂¬†The Speaker's Voice with Elaine Powell¬†ūüĆĻ ūüé∂
Professional Speaker,  Peak Performance
& Public Speaking Coach

How to overcome fears of speaking and claim the power of your voice!
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A Big Rosy Thankyou to My Choirs
It's been an extraordinary term of singing both virtually and in person in woody glens or circles of logs, accompanied by parakeets and traffic.

Thanks to all my brave, bold singers in Welcome Choir, ManSong, Caterham Choir, Carers Support Centre Choir and Lung Songs for their perseverance. I am also hopeful that the Hive Community Choir  & HeartSong will be able to resume meeting soon.  

Find out more about choirs
Coaching with Katie Rose - Claim the Power, Joy and Magic of your Voice

Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

My faith has been restored and I feel inspired by music again. - Ruth

Creative coaching is a safe space to find your voice and liberate your creative expression through bespoke sessions tailored to meet your goals, aims and dreams.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultationLOVE'S