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Make Your Dreams Come True in 2015

Make Your Dreams Come True in 2015!

Dear Friend
Happy New Year!!
Thank you all for being part of my 2014 - may we build on the triumphs, rise to the challenges and celebrate the gifts this year has given us.
For a sumptuous banquet of delight this New Year, here’s

5 Simple Ways To Bring Your Dreams into Reality

Know your Why before your What
Many people focus on the details of what they want to change or solve but lose motivation because they have lost connection to their driving purpose.  Staying tuned to WHY keeps us centred in our INTENTIONS and deeper MOTIVATiONS.
Questions to ask to help tune into the big WHY include:
* WHY is this important to me?
* What will become possible in my life by doing it?
* What would I lose out on if I don’t do it?
* How will I feel when I have done it?
* How does doing this enrich my life and those of others?

Write Them Down
The very act of writing starts the process of getting the dream manifesting through your body and out into the world - whether it's pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  Writing kickstarts a process of self-awareness, helping us tune into the feelings, thoughts and desires that are motivating our dreams.  It also prompts us to be specific - a dream like “I want to look and feel great” gets us thinking about what that would look like in reality - for some people that might mean a wardrobe makeover or it might motivate others to go the gym or make dietary changes.

Tell Someone (Make Yourself Accountable)
The act of declaring something brings it into reality in the listening of those who hear it.  In 2011 I set out on a mission to organise a large-scale charity concert for World Water Day 2012. Early on in the process I pitched it to a networking group - I only had 2 minutes to talk about it so I had to get my Whys and Whats crystal clear.  After that, I knew there was no going back - my ass was firmly on the line and I’d just blown up any fences I could sit on. Regular progress meetings with the charity helped keep me on track. Some months later hundreds of people participated in the event, raising about £3,300 for WaterAid.  The process showed me how much people love making a contribution - so many generous folks gave and got something out of being involved.  These days we can declare something publicly very easily on social media so go crazy and share your dreams with friends and involve them in the story of making it happen.

Set outrageous timelines
Any dream has got to become real in time, otherwise it's just drifting around in the ether, waiting to land.  I met a musician recently whose newly formed band have set themselves an outrageous goal to perform 3 new tracks at a gig in a few months time - they are now completely freaked out and rehearsing like crazy.   It’s really helpful to make a visual timeline and work backwards from the manifestation of your dream, plotting out the action steps that will be needed along the way.

Build momentum with snowballing actions
Dreams require consistent, committed actions to come into reality.  The good news is that every action builds momentum - if you buy pencils on Monday, a sketchbook on Tuesday, go for an inspiring walk around an exhibition on Wednesday, you will be propelled towards starting your drawing dream on Thursday.

To round off, if you’re an research fiend like me, you will be happy to know that a study at the Dominican University of California of 5 different types groups setting goals demonstrated that the most successful group wrote down their goals down, reflected on their importance, wrote down some action steps, sent these action commitments and made weekly progress reports to a supportive friend.

So... let’s go do those dreams and make a better world for all of us in 2015!

Wishing you a truly magical, inspirational, daring start to the New Year! 

PS: If you would like some support bringing your Creative Dreams into Reality please do get in touch - I offer special Sounding Out Sessions with a free initial consultation.