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May Magic - Finding the glitter in times of loss

ūüĆĻūüé∂¬†The Love in You
Celebrating the power of love in 5 parts and 1 pair of pink shades...
Dear Friend

May Magic:
Finding the glitter in times of loss
Hope you are keeping safe, sane and sound.
This month's newsletter offers of a little bit of May Magic,
a sprinkling of glitter, with love from me to you in these challenging times.

ūüĆĻ¬†THE LOVE IN YOU¬†-¬†Acapella Celebration of¬†the power of love
¬†ūüĆĻ¬†¬†BLOG/ ZOOMCAST¬†-¬†The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner
¬†ūüĆĻ ¬†WRITING¬†- Spring Issue of Turning Point Magazine

¬†ūüĆĻ¬†CHOIRS -¬†Rule of 6 singing¬†&¬†looking forward to May 17th.
ūüĆĻ ¬†COACHING -¬†claim the joy, magic and power of your voice

Thank you for listening, reading and staying tuned!
Sending you all a big singing hug

ūüĆĻ ūüé∂¬†The¬†Voice of Lossūüé∂ūüĆĻ
On this month's episode of Vocal Revolution 
(video below - or listen on Apple Podcasts)
Steph Turner, Creative Facilitator and Co-Director of The Loss Project
shares her insights on how creativity can help us express, transform and help us connect with each other through loss.  
We'd love to hear from you - do share your thoughts and comments!

1. Creativity is Innate
Creativity is innate in all of us - it's just about coaxing it out of giving it a bit of sparkle or whatever your needs are - Steph Turner
Reflecting on her experience facilitating creative projects in organisations including St Christopher's Hospice, NHS & Good Gym, Steph spoke about her passionate belief in the power of creativity.  She also honours the risk-taking involved in sharing ourselves creatively.  She holds spaces where people feel safe and supported, without proscription and with permission to express themselves creatively. 

2. Making a loss positive society
What about reclaiming loss as part of our life - Steph Turner
In the face of Western societal norms in which grief is often a taboo, Steph talks about reclaiming loss with all its complexity.  The Loss Project aims to champion people experiencing loss - to listen to what they are saying about what works and does not work for them.  Part of this is understanding that people who are grieving may just need to be heard, without being given advice and that asking simple, open questions can help.

3. Creativity Connects Us with Each Other
Creativity has huge potential to connect us with each other because we see these more vulnerable parts of ourselves and each other and hopefully recognise that we are not alone in that experience too. - Steph Turner
One of the creative exercises Steph recommends is giving loss a shape - because externalising our experience can bring about release, insight and connection with others.  She reflects on how, during a time when we are not able to access usual social rituals, people have been finding creative ways to honour and remember loved ones.  
We have all experienced tremendous losses over the last year.  As Steph says, grief really brings into focus the preciousness of life and can catalyse tremendous change in our lives - many people have changed jobs, home or priorities during this time.  Our frontline workers have risen to the challenge with tremendous commitment and courage, our families, friends and neighbours have found new ways to safely stay connected.  As many of us have found, there's as much courage and connection happening in Zoom rooms as in person. Our losses are unique, but sharing them creatively can help us find a way through together.

You are not alone
I appreciate this topic may touch very tender places, so please do not be alone - connect with supportive friends, family and services such as 
The Loss Project  - we're here for you.

Global Connection
It is my hope that this global pandemic, helps us be more aware that we are a global community and to address global injustice. We can support our global neighbours through campaigns such as Give India and People's Vaccine to help everyone everywhere access lifesaving vaccines and treatments.
It is my lived experience that creativity can bring a little bit of magic (and glitter!) into even the most challenging of circumstances.  There is a song to soothe every broken heart, a lullaby for every sleepless child, a magical creative space to come home to inside each of us.

Wishing you a Magical May

ūüĆĻ ūüé∂¬†Be well, be safe,
breathe deep, sing loudly 

ūüĆĻ ūüé∂Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes
Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
Transforming the world through voice
The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner
Creative Facilitator and Co-Director of The Loss Project 
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Turning Point: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Spring Issue
So honoured to be a contributor to this special magazine, featuring a
'bouquet of conversations with women from different parts
of the globe.'

'Throughout these times, we have been forced to become truth seekers, as the earth in its rotation has spewed up and revealed the foundation of lies, untruths, injustices on every level on a personal, community and global level. The voices of women are needed now more than ever by showing up in unity and solidarity' - Esther Austin, Editor
ūüĎȬ†Available digitally here¬†
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Spring Singing
It's been wonderful to start some singing in person outdoors according to the rule of 6 with the Sphinxes in Crystal Palace Park.
Looking forward to the official return of choirs from May 17th -  Fingers crossed!!
Find out more about choirs

Happy St George's Day
Heart & Lung Songs featuring Tom Manneh & Puff sent a singing thank you to the staff at St George's Hospital
Coaching with Katie Rose - Claim the Power, Joy and Magic of your Voice

Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

Creative Coaching is a sacred space for you to reflect on your own creative journey; personally and professionally. It is surprising - you end up going to places that need nourishing that you perhaps weren't expecting to focus on. - Steph Turner 

Creative coaching is a safe space to find and free the song in your heart - to birth projects, to listen for the call of your inner voice.
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