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Shine Up Your Voice This Autumn


Dear Katie

 Shine Up Your Voice This Autumn
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky - Rihanna

As Autumn leaves start to fall in the UK, many of us are feeling understandably anxious about the prospect of a long socially distant trek through to spring.  More than ever, it feels important to soak up nature's consolation for the loss of summer - the abundant harvest of flame coloured leaves on cool crisp days.  Like squirrels, we can trust our natural instinct to hunker down and gather resources for the time ahead (that doesn't include stockpiling loo roll!) 
There are so many forms of self-care and creativity to help us rise and shine together - inspiring choir members in their 80s are up doing early morning yoga.  To help shine up your singing radiance here's...

3 Ways to Sing and Shine 

1. Breathe Deep
Breathe in the sweet air of limitless possibility, and make life as rich as you know it can be - Ralph Marston

Our voice rides the waves of our breath and our breath is the foundation of life, so it's fundamental to breathe deep when singing.  This helps alleviate nerves, steadying our being so we can fly on the wings of song, swooping through melodies and enjoying the richness of each musical moment. You've been doing it from the moment you were born - so there's nowhere to go, nothing to do or be - you just come present to the magic of each breath. Right now put your hand on your belly, allow yourself to receive a deep breath, then let go, give, express. Cultivating this long soft belly breath gives us the foundation for singing - gently open into a hum, a sigh, a vowel, a phrase.  

2.  Warm Up - Breathe, Move, Intend, Sing
Allow some warm-up time each day to stimulate your creative flow. A pianist does keyboard exercises. A gymnast stretches. An artist needs to loosen up, too. It takes a few minutes to shift from the real world into a creative mode. - Nita Leland
Singing is a whole body, whole being experience and a good warm up sets us up to sing by aligning our mind, body, spirit and voice in a creative, fun way.  My favourite daily warm ups include getting my mind and spirit tuned with meditation, intention and gratitude practices, getting moving with yoga, dancing, a walk /run in nature and getting my voice in gear with scales and vocal straw exercises. These help me feel relaxed, centred, energised, focussed and ready, not just to sing, but for life!
Top to toe warm up - I made this video for members of my choirs with shorter session times in the time of covid - more videos and audios coming soon!

3.  Shine from within
Let your light shine bright, believe in yourself, believe that you can rise - Khushaal Sharma

One of the amazing benefits of singing is that it brings us into the present moment, quietening down the distracting voice of our inner critic. 
Take the reins of your mind before singing,  focus it towards a positive intention and be your own cheerleader - find your own singing mantra:
I can do it, I love singing, I sing and shine!   
When singing for others set a clear intention to gift your listeners with love, happiness, joy, calm - whatever it is you want to beam out to them through song.  Your love, passion, purpose and the present moment experience of singing is far more powerful than fear and self-consciousness.  When you share your singing shine you make the world a lighter, brighter place!
I am cheering you on!  Go get em Tiger!

Warmly inviting you to Shine Up Your Singing this Autumn
Singers Salon - Being the Song starting Nov 4th - for those wanting to explore solo singing in a safe supportive small group
Creative Coaching - bespoke 121 coaching for those looking to claim the joy, power and magic of their voices for singing, presentation and creative projects.
Choirs - heartwarming community singing in a hybrid of on /offline options

More about all of that below or head over to my website

Thank you for shining your light and staying connected,
I really appreciate you staying tuned!

Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes