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The Food of Love - February News from Katie Rose

The Food of Love
A Fundraising Feast of Poetry and Song

Sunday 28th February, 7.00-8.00pm

Hosted by Katie Rose
with special guests including Jazz Diva Gill Manly
Raising voices and funds to feed our community & support frontline workers
By Donation to the Honesty Box - Proceeds: 50% to St George's Hospital Charity & 50% to Matthews Yard Hampers for Children - Matthews Yard also offer a full menu of lovingly prepared food via their Hatch, Deliveroo & Uber.
Dear <<First Name>>

Sending you all a big loving virtual lockdown hug,
hope you're keeping safe and sound

In this love-packed February Edition of The Rose Window Newsletter enjoy:

🌹  INVITATION - The Food of Love, Fundraising Feast
 🌹  BLOG/ ZOOMCAST - The Voice of Activism with Tom Morley
🌹 MUSIC - Wandering - acapella ditty in honour of lockdown walks  
 🌹 CHOIRS - Zooming through Lockdown 3.0
🌹  COACHING - claim the joy, magic and power of your voice
 🌹  POETRY - Hope dawned today.. Inauguration poem

Thank you for listening, reading and staying tuned!
Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 5 Voice of Activism with Tom Morley and Katie Rose

🌹 🎶 The Voice of Activism 🎶🌹
On this month's Vocal Revolution Zoomcast (video below - also now available on Apple Podcasts - yay!) Tom Morley and I talked about activating the inner rockstar and making a generous contribution to the world. 
Drummer and founding member of Scritti Politti, Tom has earned the title of Rockstar Activator for helping people get out of their boxes through music at events, workshops, keynotes, retreats and conferences. 
Here's my reflections from our conversation - we'd love to hear yours! 

1. Self Liberation
It’s all about permission - Tom Morley
Activism is motivated by our deepest held values, convictions, beliefs and purpose.  It starts as an inside job - as Caroline Caldwell says, 'in a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.'  The first task is to love and liberate ourselves and our voices.  In our Zoomcast, Tom speaks about how we liberate our 'wild twin' from the shackles of social conditioning and judgement, so that we can really come to the party of life.  As we give ourselves permission, we give others permission, becoming a force for change.

2. Making a Generous Contribution
Generosity of spirit has a kind of rolling energy to it, so you create more generosity in yourself and you allow others to be generous around you... Tom Morley
Change happens in a wave like motion, just like the movement of sound through air.  Being activated by what touches, inspires or pains us, sends ripples out into the world which reaches and connects with others in resonance.  Giving generously from a sense of our interconnectedness - as expressed by the principle of Ubuntu - I am because you are - builds momentum for change.

3. Lead from where you are now
Seize the day, don’t wait till you’ve done that extra workshop or read that extra book or talked to your coachwho’s the leader in this house? – you’re the leader! - Tom Morley
Activism rarely comes out of having the perfect conditions, resources or qualifications - it occurs as response to a big question, challenge, issue where things are very far from perfect.   It requires take a leap of faith and belief that change is possible - even if not in our lifetime, but for future generations.
This weekend choir members have been taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch (29th Jan-19th Feb) to help provide vital information for conservationists.  Also this weekend, friends from the Women's Equality Party held an online rally and flooded Twitter with the hashtag #HomeSchooled to highlight the impact of the pandemic on parents and Early Years workers.  Also this weekend heroic activist Marcus Rashford, spoke out against the racist abuse he receives, prompting calls to address hate speech on social media. 
Right now, we all have to be our own heroes and leaders to get through each day and support each other - whether it's fundraising for our heroic frontline workers, contributing to our local foodbank, homeschooling our children and checking on our neighbours.  

We don't have to be perfect, we just need to give ourselves permission to speak up and stand up for what we believe in. 
So let's all follow those calls of our heart to share bold, brave, beautiful actions in the world.

One of my actions for February is to invite you to a
Food of Love, Fundraising Feast of Poetry and Song - see above
Do let me know if you'd like to come to this or any other singing thing
- I'd love to see and sing with you virtually.

Wishing you powerful, loving activism this February

Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

Come and share the singing love on Social Media
Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
Transforming the world through voice
The Voice of Activism with Tom Morley
Tom Morley shares his expertise on how to activate your inner rockstar and contribute to the world in the spirit of generosity. 
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
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Wandering - double hatted acapella ditty in honour of lockdown walks
Choirs Zooming Through Lockdown
Thanks to everyone who zoomed through January lockdown with me.
We are cheering each other on with songs, smiles and hats.

At Lung Songs we left we left a thank you message for NHS Workers on the
Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity
Care & Share Noticeboard
, as some of us have received care and sung at RB&H. You can leave your message of support here:

For more information about:
Caterham Community Choir, Croydon Carers Choir, Lung Songs, ManSong, Welcome Choir, please visit:
Lung Songs January 2021 Message to RB&H
RB&H Thank you NHS
Coaching with Katie Rose - Claim the Power, Joy and Magic of your Voice

Coaching with Katie Rose
Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

Would you like to sing and speak confidently?

Singing or Speaking in Public is our No 1 fear, studies show, above death! Yet being able to communicate clearly and confidently is an essential skill, especially for presentations and performances . It's absolutely possible to liberate yourself from fear and speak and sing with ease and confidence.    Learning about our voices is a lifelong adventure with many wonderful benefits for our wellbeing.  Find out more

Hope dawned today -
Chinks of light breaking through
Ravaged chambers of broken hearts.
Hope carried on the flaming voices
And soaring redemption songs
Of stars and seers, young and old.
Hope that the choking stranglehold
Of brutal oppression will be met
By the bending arc of justice.
Hope that our fractured world,
Frayed by disease, fear and greed,
Might stitch together a new unity.
Hope that we might, in treasuring
Our breath and the breath of our beloveds,
Learn to let our planet breathe.

Katie Rose
Inauguration Day 20/1/21