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The Voice of Calling

Dear Friend

The Voice of Calling
Follow your calling, not the crowd - proverb
Planning a voice session for female entrepreneurs at Yael Rose's networking group prompted me to think about how we can stay tuned to the Voice of our Business or Calling in life... Hoping that these musings serve to amplify the light of creative calling in each of us this November...

Calling comes from Within
Vocation is more about who you are than what you do 

Our Calling arises from within via our internal communication systems - dreams, visions, feelings, hunches, longings, senses.  Fortunately you don't have to call a BT engineer out and wait for a lifetime to get started - it simple requires a willingness to finetune our inner antennae.

Answering Calling
The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling - Fabienne Fredrickson 
No smoke without fire - our calling leaves smoke signals and calling cards.  Whatever we get fired up, het up or lit up about is an indicator of our values and potential creative contribution - so an animal lover sets up an animal sanctuary or the person with their nose always in a book pioneers a mobile library for the homeless.  

Calling Encourages
And her song called forth the courage in other hearts to sing their own song - Jane Lee Logan 
The great thing about answering our calling is it gives permission and inspiration for others.  In a choir, members who have more confidence encourage those around them.  Artists are constantly cross-pollinating and cross-referencing creative inspiration as naturally as plants do. I recently enjoyed the daily Creative Sprint challenge this October and loved seeing the shared inspiration and encouragement that happened online between fellow sprinters.  Recent research has shown that the health of our social networks can have as much impact on longevity as smoking or alcohol intake - so when we allow ourselves to grow, we encourage healthy growth in our social circles and loved ones.

Calling Is Big
To be a singer who truly inspires, we must throw our ego out of the show, show up and serve. That's when we truly change the world - Kerri Ho

Calling is always much bigger than our self-defeating concepts or images of ourselves.  It calls us to bigger platforms, wider connections and deeper engagement with life than we may have ever imagined possible.  That this is terrifying and will press all of our buttons goes without saying. Tuning into our calling often catalyses a deep rewiring and realignment of ourselves - as we answer the call, we commit to setting aside distractions and dramas, to listen to our own inner voice. The joy, fulfilment and delight that arises when we live out our calling brightens and lightens the world.

Autumnal Singing Events
Shining Your Light- In this month of fireworks and the lights of Diwali there's lots of wonderful singing events to lighten the longer nights...
Women in Business Group with Yael Rose - Join us for a morning of celebrating and empowering Wonderwomen in Biz - Friday Nov 4th 10am-1pm Free to attend, free coffee/tea with cake at delicious Dalhousie in Crystal Palace.
*NEW CHOIR* - Crystal Palace Transition Town- Celebrating Planet and People in Song - starting from Nov 2nd at the newly opened beautiful Paxton Centre, we'll be warbling and wassailing the winter nights in preparation for festive fun around Crystal Palace Triangle. All voices welcome.

Wishing you a truly sparkling November