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Walking A Way

Walking A Way
The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air, but simply walking on this earth. - Thich Naht Hanh
This Easter I spent three glorious days walking along the South Downs Way over the amazing cliffs of Seven Sisters and the coastline of Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill.  It was just so refreshing and rejuvenating and brought me back to the simplicity of just being a thing of nature, walking in nature, without labels or identity.  In honour of May Day, here's a celebration of the power of walking a way in our world.
Trusting The Way
As you start out to walk on the way, the way appears - Rumi
When I first arrived out of town, I was still city hassled, still fretting and charging about, as we all do here in London.  After three days of just taking one step after the other I was already less bothered about where I was going and letting my feet just follow my nose and trusting I'd find my way.  When we surrender our busy doing brain, our being brain comes to the fore - and this yields a great reconnection with the more essential part of ourselves.  Our creative and intuitive skills come to the fore and we come back to peace with ourselves.
The Bounteous Beauty of Nature
In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks - John Muir
There is something truly amazing about being surrounded in all directions by nature - no houses or cars in sight.  Something basic stress caused by the interruption of the skyline starts to be relieved and we can literally see more clearly.  Walking has of course been our first form of exercise, after crawling, since time began, so as we walk we fall back into rhythm with the ancient footsteps of those who have walked before us and with the rhythms of nature itself.  We start breathing more deeply, our mood lifts and we bathe in beauty.   The wellbeing benefits are so bounteous, hence movements such as Forest Schools or Forest Bathing in Japan are emerging to encourage us to stay tuned to the lessons and gifts nature can bring.
Walking A Way 
If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving a new one - Dolly Parton
Many of us do not like the road of our current political leaders - as it appears to be walking us towards destruction of people and planet in favour of profit.   Today however, thanks to years of pioneering by activists including the organisations Green Party, Extinction Rebellion, Transition Town Movement and leaders such as inspirational Greta Thunberg. the House of Commons finally declared an Environment and Climate Emergency.  It is time to walk away from the old ways of fossil fuels and corporate devastation, and towards a way of collaboration and sustainable sharing of natural resources. We all have a part to play - from simple daily actions such as refilling our household products and being mindful of our water consumption to political activism such as raising our voices at a march or via a petition.  It is hopeful that we have reached this critical point on May Day/ Beltane, when it has always been custom to celebrate the beauty of nature exploding into leaf. I hope we can learn, not too late, how to honour the true beauty of the earth on which we walk. 

Wishing you a madly merry may