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39 Blessings

Laughing and singing this week at the Royal Brompton Hospital
Photo: Karen Taylor RB&H Arts

39 Blessings
The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God - if they call God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That's what I think. - Maya Angelou

Dear Friend
Here’s me counting my blessings on my birthday of all the amazing things that happened in the last year…with gratitude to everyone and everything I’ve encountered along the way.

If you’d like to help pay the blessings forward do throw a few pennies in my virtual bucket as I’m conducting a song at Sing for Water this year - all funds go to WaterAid lifesaving projects in Ghana - click here for more information...

1) Making it into my 39th year on the planet… 2) Thanks to YOU too for blessing the planet with your presence and reading this :) 3) Bless our beautiful planet 4) Blessing my family for their love, patience and fun - being an Auntie to my baby nephew Ollie is definitely top of the pops.
5) Blessing up all my amazing friends for their love and support
6) Singing - it uplifts me and brings me into connection with so many amazing people
7) Singing with my Dad at our Heartsong group for Cardiac Friends makes my heart happy.
8) I’ve been so touched by seeing the profound benefits of singing for respiratory and cardiac patients in the Royal Brompton & Harefield, Whittington & St George’s Hospitals
9) Co-facilitating wonderfully diverse, uplifting workshops with Catherine Pestano of CRISP - looking forward to relaunching of Croydon Community Choir in the Autumn
10) I’ve loved reminiscing, drinking tea and learning songs with Bluehouse Singing Group
11) Joyous singing with the heroes and heroines who care at Croydon Carers Support Centre
12) The wonderfully supportive Forest Hill Singers who’ve been singing with me for years.
13) Taking part in Sing for Water and making a songful splash with the ThankYou Scratch choir at the WaterAid AGM
14) Being appointed the new MD of Singing in the City recently is totally amazing and I’m really looking forward to an exciting autumn of singing with them.
15) Working slowly but surely towards releasing my next album… watch this space
16) Singing at the launch of the Road to Peace Pilgrimage
17) Guest spots at choirs - Sydenham Singers, Caterham Comm Choir, The Great Gustos
18) Being part of the nourishing Natural Voice Practitioners Network
19) All the amazing singing practitioners I am honoured to know and learn from - Helen Chadwick, Roxane Smith, Jo Foster, Angela Reith, Janna Goodwille, Phoene Cave, Kirsty Martin, Sarah Fisher.
20) Men who sing and encourage other men to sing - Chris Rowbury, The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Chaps Choir and of course my Dad.
21) Taking the inner journey with clients, honoured to work with such brave creative individuals who are transforming their lives and following their dreams
22) Extraordinary experiences of Sound Healing with therapists at Holistic Healing College and Mind Body and Soul Too
23) Composing music for inspirational Stewart Pearce’s extraordinary album of meditations.
24) Working with innovative visual artist Jayne Wilton on Breathe projects
25) The Jedi genius of photographer and musician Rob Wilson Jnr of
26) Radioplay from Peter Coulston, Croydon Radio, Avril Price
27) Hanging out on the virtual sofa with magical Simon On The Sofa
28) Writing my blogs and also articles for The Croydon Citizen and fROOTS Magazine
29) Reading novels and listening to music transforms the time I spend on London Transport
30) Attending inspirational live gigs by wonderful choirs and musicians
31) I love living in Crystal Palace - the community spirit here makes thing happen!
32) I’ve become proud to be Croydonian and loved the Ambition and Purley Festivals
33) Love having coconut truffle tea, hanging out and going to events at Matthews Yard.
34) Tea - especially when accompanied by illuminating conversations with dear friends
35) Dancing - big love to my Zumba massive and Laughing Yogi Joe Hoare for sharing my crazy love of dancing.
36) Amazing practitioners who bring joy, wisdom and love to life including Ciara Jean Roberts, Esther Austin, Barefoot Doctor
37) The poetry of Raficq Abdulla and Fathieh Saudi
38) The life and love of my dear friend Linda who passed this year
39) The great wide unknown stillness from where all the singing comes and goes.

With love and blessings