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Mass Choral Events

Mass Choral Events demonstrate the power of music to unify communities around a chosen cause.
Katie has directed large scale events including: Sing for Water, Compassionate Neighbours/ St Christopher's Hospice and Festival of Peace Croydon, plus one-off events and workshops for organisations including  Compassionate Neighbours, LondonADASS, Forest Hill Schools Conference, The Circle

Sing for Water

Sing for Water was initiated by composer Helen Chadwick as a project to raise money for WaterAid at The Thames Festival in 2002.   Mass choral events now take place across the country and have raised over £1 million for WaterAid's life-saving projects providing clean water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities. 

Katie Rose has been conducting events for Sing for Water since 2011.   She has co-directed Sing for Water London with Michael Harper & Roxane Smith at Totally Thames since 2017:
"Sing for Water demonstrates the amazing power of song to make waves in the world"

Sing for Water Virtual Event 2020
The year we went online! 

There is a song which says 'many drops to turn a mill, singly none' and it is wonderful that so many choirs, festivals and individuals are now involved with Sing for Water. We are hoping that Sing for Water will continue to grow so that many more people can have access to safe water and sanitation. ”

— Helen Chadwick

Both your workshop and community singing were loved by not only those who took part, but by the many who were able to enjoy hearing the songs in the Village Square area, whilst the evening feast cooked on the campfires. It was a very special part of our Under One Tree Conference. Thank you so so much for coming along and sharing your knowledge, skills and time with us.”

— Judy Agate, Sussex & Surrey 'Under One Tree' FSA Conference Organising Committee.

St Christopher's Hospice Compassionate Neighbours

Compassionate Neighbours is free community-led support for anyone experiencing loneliness or social isolation because of age or illness, including those living with a chronic, long-term or terminal illness and dementia.  For those living in the Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill area.

The programme was inaugurated in October 2017, with musical events including community singing and a performance of Ave Verum with London Mozart Players featuring St Christopher's Hospice Choir conducted by Katie Rose. 

February 2018 - Community Choir Festival featuring 7 local community choirs 

April 6th  2019 - Giving Voice Concert - A celebration of spring through music, stories and song at Christchurch Gipsy Hill, 5.30-8pm -