Sing for Water

Sing for Water 2017 - Photo with thanks to Fluid4Sight

Sing for Water 2017 - Photo with thanks to Fluid4Sight

Sing for Water was initiated by composer Helen Chadwick as a project to raise money for WaterAid at The Thames Festival in 2002. 
Mass choral events now take place across the country and have raised over £1 million for WaterAid's life-saving projects providing clean water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities. 

Sing for Water London
Sunday 16th September 2018, 2.15pm

The Scoop, More London, Queens Walk, SE1 2DB
Enjoy a wonderful, riverside spectacle as choirs from across the country come together to raise their voices for WaterAid's life-saving projects in Rwanda.  
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Katie Rose has been fundraising, organising and participating in Sing for Water events since 2011.   She co-directed the 2017 Thames Festival Event with Michael Harper and will be co-directing with Roxane Smith in 2018.

There is a song which says 'many drops to turn a mill, singly none' and it is wonderful that so many choirs, festivals and individuals are now involved with Sing for Water. We are hoping that Sing for Water will continue to grow so that many more people can have access to safe water and sanitation. ”

Helen Chadwick

Sing for Water is a life-changing movement that demonstrates the power of song to make waves in our world”

— Katie Rose