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🌹 🎶 Moments of Peace

Margate Beach on a fine October Day -  Rambling Rose Blog
Dear Friend

🌹 🎶 October News 🎶 🌹
“I will cut adrift—I will sit on pavements and drink coffee—I will dream; I will take my mind out of its iron cage and let it swim—this fine October.”
- Virginia Woolf
Sending you much love and hoping you are able to find moments of peace to drift, dream, reflect and connect in these challenging times.

In my reflections and questions about what I can do in my corner in response to local and global tragedy, I felt to offer a simple space of singing and stillness for those who feel it would be supportive and warmly invite you to join me for:

 🌹 🎶 An Hour of Peace - a Space for Singing and Stillness
Friday 27th Oct 6.30 - 7.30pm in the Church Hall, St Johns SE19 2RX

Also coming up:

 🌹 🎶 Macmillian Day and Opening Ceremony at Mindful Dentist
27th October 11am-6pm, including a moment of song at 2.30pm

 🌹 🎶 Across the Lines - a new short performance with vocal artist
Randolph Matthews as part of Croydonites Festival on 11th November

🌹 🎶 Winter Sparkle - tickets now available for our splendid sparkly concert
Sunday 10th December 2pm for 2.30pm @ St Johns SE19 2RX

More details follow below - or drop me a line

🌹 🎶 Moments of Peace 🎶 🌹
"I sing for the lessons the world hasn't learned
I sing for my soul as she watches it burn"
Reason to Love - a beautiful song by Malinda & Jerusalem Youth Chorus 

Trigger warning: this section includes mention of knife crime and war - 
please skip if needed to take care of yourself.

In the last few weeks, my local and global community have been rocked by tragedy.  Words are utterly inadequate and my heart goes out to all facing unimaginable horrors and the losses of their loved ones. Like so many of us, I have felt shocked, sad and devastated as the shockwaves rip through our world.  I have also felt deeply touched by powerful, precious moments of human connectivity. 

After the horrific murder of a young woman in Croydon, I stood with hundreds of people holding candles and phone lights, calling We Love You Elianna.  Whilst, this one moment cannot take away the horror nor address the complex issues impacting our young people, it was incredibly moving to be part of this peaceful collective stand for love in the face of violence.  A space of solace and solidarity, the vigil helped us reflect and grieve together.

Away from the noisy blare of sensationalist divisive media, peace is often quiet and found in simple shared everyday moments - breaking bread or having tea together, standing alongside each other in the post office queue, exchanging smiles, jokes or recipes or holding out a helping hand. 
In times of great crisis, when we can feel so powerless, simple moments of shared peace can help us stay grounded and connected.
Jewish Doctor Tamara Rettino's much-shared beautiful post about her
warm relationship with her Muslim Neighbour entreats us:
"Stop making change theoretical and abstract. It is knocking on neighbor’s doors and sharing coffee and sweets. It is telling each other stories. It is heart to heart, neighbor to neighbor. We are all human. We all want a place to call home and for our babies and grandmothers to be safe. Peace begins with me."

Peace begins with and within us. When maintaining a sense of inner peace feels incredibly challenging, it's simple moments that help me re-centre - a morning run or stretch, a deep breath, a hug, a good cry, a heartfelt sing. 
We are relational, social beings and our first relationship is with ourselves, so filling our cup with the simple nourishing joys of life boosts our resilience in times of crisis. Moments of peace also give us space to reflect on what action we each feel called to take in our families and communities. When the world is hurting, we are all hurting and whilst we may have widely differing views, beliefs and backgrounds, simple moments of peace help us reconnect with ourselves and each other and remember our shared humanity - do check in and draw close to friends and family.

Wishing you powerful, precious peace

Look forward to seeing and singing with you soon 

Be well, breathe deep and keep singing loudly!

Drop me a line or sing me a song:
@katierosewindow on the Socials
An Hour of Peace
A candle-lit hour of peaceful singing and stillness
Friday 27th October, 6.30 - 7.30pm @St John's SE19 2RX   

You are warmly invited to come and simply enjoy stillness and/or sing simple songs, taught by ear, including words for peace in different languages - Pacem, Shanti, Shalom, Salaam. 

The event will be held in the Church Hall, so as to be a safe inclusive space for people of all beliefs.  To maintain a respectful space, we will be refraining from engaging in commentary and debate.  We will be seeking solace and focusing our voices and hopes for peace in moments of shared song, sound and silence.  Donations welcome for War Child 
🌹 🎶Across the Lines  🎶🌹
Croydonites Festival of Theatre & Performance
Part of Croydonbites - showcase of short performances by local artists
Saturday 11th November, 7pm
The Front Room, 37-39 St George's Walk, Croydon, CR0 1YL
Across the Lines is an immersive artistic journey by vocal artists Randolph Matthews and Katie Rose, exploring the hope and challenges of human connection. This multi-layered performance piece challenges barriers, encourages empathy, and prompts reflection, aiming to cross the lines to a more compassionate society. Join us on this transformative voyage into the heart of humanity.  Info & Tickets

🌹 🎶Click here for your sparkly ticket!!! 🎶🌹

🌹 🎶Choir News 🎶🌹

🌹 🎶Welcome Choir 🎶🌹
Warm, welcoming lively choir who laugh as much as they sing!
Thursdays 7.00-8.30pm, St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX
First taster session free, then pay by term. 

🌹 🎶Breathe Harmony NHS Staff Choir 🎶🌹
Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS staff choir run by Breathe Arts Health Research
Co-directed by Mike King & Katie Rose More information

🌹 🎶  BLG Mind Wellbeing Choir🎶🌹
BLG Mind co-directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 2.30-4pm, Azelia Hall, 258 Croydon Road, Beckenham, BR3 4DA

🌹 🎶 Carers Support Centre Choir 🎶🌹
Sing & Shine - Singing Respite Sessions for Carers. 
Twice monthly Weds 10.30-11.45am, 
Carers Support Centre, 24 George Street, CR0 1PG 
Free for Croydon Carers More information

🌹 🎶 Caterham Community Choir 🎶🌹
Co-directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 7-9pm, de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, CR3 5YX Facebook Page

🌹 🎶 HeartSong 🎶🌹
Happy heartwarming harmonies with Cardiac Friends & Co.
Bi-monthly Singing on Fridays 2-4pm, Holwell Village Hall, Pirton Lane, SG5 3SS

My friend Kushel Morjaria and team are hosting a Macmillan Day on
Friday 27th October from 11am-6pm at
The Mindful Dentist  73-75 Church Rd, Crystal Palace SE19 2TA.
There will be coffee and cake in the morning and delicious food from mid-afternoon.🍰☕😋 
I'll be offering a song or two with friends from Welcome Choir from 2.30-3ish.
Donations are welcome to support Macmillian Cancer Support.
The event will be held in the new extension of the practice so it is also a celebratory opening ceremony.
Come and join us and help support a worthwhile cause. 💓
🌹 🎶 Vocal Revolution
Claim the joy, power and magic of your voice & creativity.
Bespoke coaching to bring on a revolution in your creative world.
For singers, songwriters & speakers and creatives on a mission...

Find out more
Book a free 20-minute consultation


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