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🌹 🎶 Threshold to 2024!


Dear Friend

🌹 🎶 Threshold to 2024! 🎶 🌹

Happy New Year!!
Wishing you a truly joyful, creative, fulfilling year ahead with many adventures and some lovely surprises! 

Happy New Year!!
Wishing you a truly joyful, creative, fulfilling year ahead with many adventures and some lovely surprises! 

Releasing Resolutions and Returning Revolutions
As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024,
here are a few reflections on how resolutions and revolutions
can become medicinal and magical.

Resolutions emerge from words meaning to release or break down into smaller parts. Any goal we have becomes a manageable and doable reality when we break it down into smaller daily actions - for example: a resolution to exercise can involve signing up for a dance class or getting a new pair of walking boots. Too often we define our resolutions in terms of loss and negativity - giving up chocolate or losing weight - which are often laden with self-judgement and punishment, prompting our inner teenager to rebel.  Instead of something we 'should/ have/ ought' to do, resolutions can become an enjoyable expression of who we are.  When I connect with my love of movement and its feel-good benefits, it's easier to implement my exercise routines and release myself from distractions such as scrolling!

Revolutions come from words meaning to cycle. As such they are part of our daily rhythms - our breath cycle, the passage of day and night and the earth's orbit of the sun.  They cycle through patterns and themes, integrating that which has gone before, just as the chorus of a song returns after the verses.  A quiet personal revolution occurs when we return to our centre and to what is true for us.  It can be as simple as taking a deep breath and regaining equilibrium in the middle of a crowded street or speaking a calm, loving word to someone in distress.  Revolutions are powered by powerful longings for change, such as Martin Luther King's dream that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.  So our inner revolutions orbit around our axis, aligned to our values, ethics, principles and cherished loves, hopes and desires. 
As we give ourselves space to still down and ask
- What do I want to Create in 2024? 
 revelations may emerge, returning us to ourselves - we may discover a longing to visit a long-lost friend, travel to a far-flung place, go rollerskating in the park or plant flowers in the community garden. 

So as we cross the threshold to 2024,
let's not define ourselves by our failings, let us positively return to that which burns at our core - our love, passion, creativity, kindness and desire for a better world and let that inspire our resolutions and revolutions.
As we give thanks for the blessings and lessons of 2023, honestly appraising places where we have felt most proud and most humbled, we can build on all we learned.  Let's set our strong intentions and dream new visions of the lives we'd like to lead and the world we'd like to build, whilst taking the simple everyday actions that make dreams a reality...
and then let's throw it all in the fire and surrender to the mystery of it all! 
🌹 🎶 Thank you for staying tuned in 2023, for all that you are and all that you give in the world.

May 2024 bring you abundant opportunity to return and evolve even more of your magnificence!

Look forward to seeing and singing with you along the way!

Be well, breathe deep and keep singing loudly!

Drop me a line or sing me a song:
@katierosewindow on the Socials
🌹 🎶 Vocal Revolution Coaching
Bring on a revolution for 2024 by returning to the innate joy, power, magic and wisdom of your voice & creativity.
Understand and integrate the lessons of the past and claim the blessings of your vocal creativity this New Year. 

Find out more
Book a free 20-minute consultation

Come Ramble With Me!  
I've just joined Substack and will be sharing poems and musings on song and sound, word and wonder... would love you to join me.
🌹 🎶 A Year in Song 2023 
An end-of-year celebration with choirs at our Winter Sparkle concert singing my arrangement of Jackie De Shannon's classic song, Put A Little Love In Your Heart.  With huge sparkly thanks to all the artists, singers, volunteers, organisations, venues and friends who've collaborated so generously with me.
Together we've created singing magic!

🌹 🎶Choir News 🎶🌹

🌹 🎶Welcome Choir 🎶🌹
Warm, welcoming lively choir who laugh as much as they sing!
Thursdays 7.00-8.30pm, St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX
First taster session free, then pay by term. 

🌹 🎶Breathe Harmony NHS Staff Choir 🎶🌹
Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS staff choir run by Breathe Arts Health Research
Co-directed by Mike King & Katie Rose More information

🌹 🎶  BLG Mind Wellbeing Choir🎶🌹
BLG Mind part of Bromley Recovery College
 Co-directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 2.30-4pm, Azelia Hall, 258 Croydon Road, Beckenham, BR3 4DA

🌹 🎶 Carers Support Centre Choir 🎶🌹
Sing & Shine - Singing Respite Sessions for Carers. 
Twice monthly Weds 10.30-11.45am, 
Carers Support Centre, 24 George Street, CR0 1PG 
Free for Croydon Carers More information

🌹 🎶 Caterham Community Choir 🎶🌹
Co-directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 7-9pm, de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, CR3 5YX Facebook Page

🌹 🎶 HeartSong 🎶🌹
Happy heartwarming harmonies with Cardiac Friends & Co.
Bi-monthly Singing on Fridays 2-4pm, Holwell Village Hall, Pirton Lane, SG5 3SS

Big Sparkly Thanks to everyone who joined us at Winter Sparkle
Photos with thanks to photo wizard John Barrett
Please click here for the album of photos
Videos  - with thanks to Stella for being our iPad Engineer  Part I  - Pt II