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15 Powerful Statements to Say to Resistance

15 Powerful Statements to Say to Resistance

Dear Friend
Resistance is a well known friend to all of us - it’s the playmate who gets us posting on Facebook and cleaning the house when we are writing a report. Resistance has a great repertoire of excuses - “you can’t write a book, you don’t have a degree.”  Resistance is that ever-so sympathetic yet disabling friend who says “poor you, you must be exhausted, have a lie down” when we start exercising. Resistance says “I can’t, I’m not worthy, not today, maybe tomorrow, I’ve got a headache, I need to check my email, I’m not ready.”  Resistance is the mental mumbojumbo which leads straight to the fridge/ internet/ booze/ cigarettes/ sofa where we find ourselves ‘vegging out’ with a glazed look on our face wondering why we feel strangely depressed.

I am constantly facing resistance - both my own and others. I find myself standing in front of people displaying looks of terror, poker faces, crossed arms, yawns, tuts, grimaces, furrowed brows, despairing sighs when I say “Let’s Sing!”  This helps me identify and understand my own resistance.

So here’s 15 statements to say when resistance comes knocking.

0. “......” Silence - Be Still - taking a deep breath and stopping for a minute stills the resistance rap and sets up a new flow of inspiration.

1. “I will turn up and start with one small step” - turning up is bringing our presence to the party - even if I sit and stare at a blank screen, just turning up is a start.

2. ‘It’s ok not to know” - when we start something new - making a cake or planning a trip- even if we have a map or recipe there’s no real way of knowing what will happen. So it’s ok to take the pressure off ourselves to be all-knowing and acknowledge that it’s scary.

3. “I’m allowed to try something new” -  transforms the fear of change into permission to explore new possibilities, which as any neuroplasticist will testify, is great braingym.

4.  “It’s ok to make (mis)takes” - giving ourselves permission to take small imperfect steps liberates us from perfectionism and the fear of failure.  Success comes by working through many ‘takes’ - which are the juicy material of our life-movie.

5. “The time is now, everything else can wait.” - great for dealing with procrastination - the art of forever waiting for the ‘right time’ to do something.  That extensive list of non-essential tasks (a.ka. distractions) can keep for later.

6.  “I really do want to do this because….” - staying tuned to our intention is a great internal GPS, enabling us to prioritise and commit fully to our dreams.

7.  “I’m here to do my job, not to be liked” - this alleviates people pleasing - I am aware that not everyone will like me or my work, but this does not stop me from doing it.

8.  “I’m just going to do me” - other people’s problems can be a wonderful distraction. Far from being selfish, focusing on ourselves allows us to give more, as we replenish our resources and serve up our true contribution to the world.

9.  “Obstacles are a welcome test of my mettle” - Saying ‘AHA!’ when you encounter resistance in its many forms including domestic, technology and transport incidents means you can have a chuckle and take it in your stride.

10. ‘I’m allowed to take support” - whether it’s hanging out with the cat or employing a dream team to get the vision on the road, building in self-care and being around  supportive people is essential.

11. “I’m allowed to enjoy this”- conditioning like ‘life is a struggle’ can imbue us with a sense of guilt, obligation and drudgery.  Returning to our sense of play, curiosity and pleasure allows us to enjoy the experience - there is space for fun even within the most difficult tasks.

12.  “It’s ok to complete things” - delaying completion is rooted in the fear of endings and death - we fear the grief we will feel when something is finished. Completion brings fulfilment, accomplishment, celebration and space for new beginnings.

13. “I will feel so great when… - visualising the end result and how brilliant it will be brings the enjoyment into the present in the same way as booking a holiday gives us pleasure before we travel.  Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin so cultivating positive excitement turns the cobblywobbles into beautiful butterflies.

14. “I’m allowed to be BIG” - fulfilling on our dreams often requires stepping up and becoming more visible. The part of us that wants to stay small will resist. A quick way to vanquish this is to strike a really big pose, smile and shout TA DA!

15. “I can laugh and congratulate myself at each step of the way” - laughter immediately discharges the grand problem of taking things too seriously.  Celebrating the ups and downs enables us to truly enjoy the magnificent journey of creativity.

Wishing you a powerful, playful, creative summer