Croydon Composers 2017

Katie Rose, a choral folk singer, hit the stage full of energy, singing a capella. Soon after she was joined by drummer Dan Buskell, with Katie on the keyboard, performing their song ‘In The Jungle.’ The performers’ excitement was infectious as Katie urged the crowd to make as many animal noises as possible. I am sure my attempt at a lion roar did not go unnoticed.  ”

South West Londoner

Listen to Croydon Composers 2017

A pioneering music project bringing together Croydon’s aspiring composers to create cross-genre, cross-community collaborations.

Delivered by Croydon-based organisation, Drum the Bass, with support from Croydon Council and Arts Council England, Croydon Composers successfully brought an eclectic mix of musicians together to collaborate on creating and performing new compositions. 

Drum the Bass selected 10 participants, including individuals and groups of musicians, from across the community and from a wide range of music genres; from hip hop to choral folk, from Indian classical music to rock; from Turkish percussion to spoken word. The artists were matched to form five pairs of collaborators, each pair working together to create one composition. The resulting five pieces were recorded and performed at Croydon Mela 30th Sept and Scream Lounge 27th Oct 2017.

Participants were mentored and produced by award winning composer, producer and musician Shri Sriram while music business consultant, Michael Fuller, offered mentoring and advice on music industry structure and royalties. 

Dan Buskell, drummer collaborated with Katie Rose to compose 'In The Jungle'  

“This project has provided a great opportunity for aspiring composers to be part of something really special, as it brings together musicians from different backgrounds and different genres, leaving a positive legacy of collaboration. It has also been a fantastic experience for me – the creativity, energy and commitment of these Croydon artists has been inspirational.””

— Shri

Ankle - The False Beards

They switch between West African melodies, ragtime protest from the 1920s and Louisiana blues, and are joined by the fine singer Katie Rose for the traditional Lord Allenwater, and rework the Stones's Paint It Black, with an unlikely jaunty Greek edge. Classy and enormous fun.”

Robin Denselow, The Guardian

Ankle - The False Beards
Ian Anderson & Ben Mandelson
Katie Rose vocals on 'The False Bride' and 'Lord Allenwater'

Old english psych folk world blues twangery - "a repertoire where an English take on old time folk blues might seamlessly segue into a West African melody, an imaginative song from an unlikely source might acquire a Greek flavour, or a traditional murder ballad might head into folkadelia territory - all wrapped up in some virtuoso twanging, a relaxed and witty presentation and dodgy facial hair." 
Ankle on Bandcamp

Guest Katie Rose takes on the vocals for these tracks and her presence adds a nice point of contrast to Anderson's singing elsewhere. In being reminiscent of the classic 1970s folk voice she manages to point up the essential Englishness of these songs ”

Kev Boyd, Northern Sky

Weirdlore - Folk Police

Weirdlore - Notes from the Folk Underground
Folk Police 2012
'There's something going on here but we don't know what it is - Bob Dylan.  
A compilation of weird and wonderful tracks from Emily Portman, Pamela Wyn Shannon, Nancy Wallace, Alasdair Roberts and The False Beards.  
Features Katie Rose's track  'Witches Reel' 
Click here for free PDF about Witches Reel

The strangest, most eccentric contribution to this exquisite and revelatory compilation, though, comes courtesy of Katie Rose's "Witches Reel". Heck, no self-respecting weird/wyrd/alt etc collection would be complete without referencing "the goddess" and as such Katie gets to carry the team flag. It's spooky, it's odd, it is highly singular and a resounding hit with this coven's jukebox jury. ”

Ian Fraser, Terrascope

fol-de-rose - EP

 Limited Edition EP (2010)

New and unusual versions of old and unusual songs 
* southerly *barbra *heart like a wheel *in the pines  * sweet primroses

This Limited Edition EP is now sold out.

you'll be totally hooked...”

fROOTS Mazgazine

This is one for the more tranquil moments of summer.”

Jeanette Leech, Shindig

Echoes From The Mountain - Rif Mountain

Echoes from the Mountain
Rif Mountain 2010

Songs from The Village Thing folk record label reworked by contemporary artists including Nancy Wallace, Jason Steel and The Owl Service.

Featuring Katie Rose's cover of Dave Evans track Grey Lady Morning.  

The album was released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Village Thing, alongside an compilation of tracks from between 1970-4 by artists including Wizz Jones, Al Jones, Derroll Adams and Steve Tilston Ghosts From The Basement

Katie performed at the special anniversary event at Cecil Sharpe House on 25th September 2010

Available from Rif Mountain

Katie Rose pretty well scoops the jackpot with Dave Evans's Grey Lady Morning. The original is special, but Rose's stretched, wavering vocal over sparse tampuri drone is an eye (and ear) opener. ”

Ian Kearney, fROOTS Magazine