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Katie Rose
Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer 

fine singer”

— The Guardian

vocal aerobatics”

— Fatea Magazine

an eye (and ear) opener”

— fROOTS Magazine

New Album - Flame


If you are ever in doubt as to the worth of what you do with community choirs, let me tell you that, had you not been so incredibly patient and kind with me, I would never have embarked on this incredible journey. You practically had to come out and drag me in from the street I was so terrified of singing in front of other people. That Christmas concert we did was a real turning point - you offered a safe, friendly environment in which to start experimenting with my voice and I have never looked back. I took music theory and voice lessons and auditioned successfully for London Symphony Chorus. Amazing when I think about it. Other aspects of life have changed as well - while I will never be what you could call an extrovert, I am no longer actively looking for places to hide. Believe me, that is quite a transformation! I hope you will tell your choir members, present and future, that singing with Katie Rose can be life changing!”

— Enid Armstrong


Katie Rose and I have been working together since April 2014, initially to support the creation of a devised theatre piece, ‘does my sex offend you?”, and then more recently on the development and implementation of the Intimacy On Set Guidelines and the role of the Intimacy Practitioner in drama schools, and in the profession in theatre and on film. Working with Katie Rose has given me the space to reflect on my experiences as the work has evolved. Katie brings such indepth reflection, clarity and guidance, allowing me to understand the challenges faced and celebrate the times of success. I am so grateful for Katie and her practice for the beautiful space she provides.”

Ita O'Brien - Intimacy on Set Founder & Lead Intimacy Coordinator