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Katie is warm, knowing, wise, friendly and inspirational. ”

— Julie Batsford-White, Writer

A Unique Approach to Coaching 
With 20 years experience of working with individuals, Katie offers a holistic approach, seeing the voice & creative expression as intricately linked with all areas of life.  An experienced singer and facilitator, she brings a full creative toolkit and respects the uniqueness of every person. She offers completely confidential counsel and wise witness.


Creative Coaching with Katie Rose
Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

Would you like to sing and speak confidently and authentically?
Are you longing to claim the power of your creativity and live out your dreams and visions?

Singing or Speaking in Public is our No 1 fear, studies show, above death! The fear of being exposed, judged and rejected can cripple us from expressing ourselves creatively and truthfully.  Yet being able to communicate clearly and confidently is an essential life skill. It's absolutely possible to liberate yourself from fear and speak and sing with ease and confidence.    Learning about our voices is a lifelong adventure with many wonderful benefits for our wellbeing. 

Creative Coaching is a safe space to connect with the joy, magic and power of your voice.   These bespoke sessions are tailored to your unique voice and creative expression.   Through simple but profound vocal work and reflection, we will work towards your creative goals and visions, transforming inhibition into liberated, authentic expression.

Benefits include:

  • Discover your unique voice and creative expression
  • Develop your vocal range and technique
  • Enjoy fully embodied, authentic expression
  • Build and refine songs, pitches, projects & presentations 
  • Create your own personal toolkit of creative practices 
  • Transform performance anxiety into calm, centred expression
  • Stay tuned and true to your inner voice 
  • Set boundaries to honour yourself and your creativity
  • Deliver unforgettable performances to your audience

Types of Session 

  • One Hit Wonder - a one off session to gain insight and inspiration on a song,  
  • Six Session Intensive -  Six one hour bespoke coaching sessions in singing, speaking and creative expression, 
  • Reclaim the Past - unlock the power of your inner voice and find freedom from past experiences.

Who is it for?
Katie coaches creatives at all stages of their journey - from shy beginners to established film, TV, theatre and music professionals.

Free Initial 20 minute Phone/ Zoom Consultation   
To explore your ideas and questions in a confidential, obligation free phone/ Zoom call  email Katie

* All Sessions are taking place online during the Covid Pandemic *  Avoid the hassle of travel and enjoy your session from the comfort of your home. 
Covid Hardship, Concessions & Instalment Plans available  -  see Ts&Cs below. 

Success Stories

I was so shy about my voice before meeting you that there was no way I could sing in front of anybody. Now I warble as I walk down the street and it makes me feel great. ”

— Sophie Camu - Designer

I sang like I never sang in my life! ”

— Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer

I’d also like to thank Katie Rose, the creative coach mentioned in this introduction for a remarkable coaching session during which the idea for this project was born”

Tim Segaller, Friends in the Frame

I left the session feeling amazed and energised. Ready for life, even more so.”

— Kylei - Fire Fighter

'I feel so grateful for the sessions we had together. Although I felt in quite a lot of turmoil at the time, subconsciously our sessions unpacked alot and you really helped build my confidence back up and encouraged me to trust in the process. I think that I have grown alot.... My faith has been restored and I feel inspired by music again. Thank you so much for all you do, sharing your time and energy, your positivity. ”

— Ruth

Thank you Katie so much for today's session. It was so deep and right to the point of my issues.”

— Tiziana Kas

Ts & Cs