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Vocal Revolution Coaching

Claim the joy, power and magic of your voice & creative expression.
Bespoke coaching for wanna-be and established singers, speakers, writers, actors, therapists, educators, artists and creatives on a mission!

I sang like I never sang in my life! ”

— Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer

Creative Coaching can help you

  • Set and reach goals - whether you have a song to sing, a book to write, a speech to give or a mission to fulfil, sessions are uniquely tailored to help you bring your creative dreams into reality.
  • Sing, speak and perform confidently - build your own personal performance tool kit.
  • Get to know your voice - map out your vocal range and strengths.
  • Develop vocal technique - discover how to use emphasis, emotional expression, dynamics and diction in compelling expression.
  • Connect authentically with your audience - enhance your storytelling and communication skills
  • Master nerves and performance anxiety - work through challenges and issues in a safe supportive space.
  • Take good self-care  - learn how to care for your voice and set up healthy practices and boundaries to honour your creativity.  
  • Stay tuned to your own inner voice and bring out your innate creativity.
  • Be seen, heard, honoured and celebrated! 
Katie is warm, knowing, wise, friendly and inspirational. ”

— Julie Batsford-White, Writer

Katie's Approach
With 20 years of experience coaching individuals at all stages of their creative journey - from shy beginners to established arts, education and wellbeing professionals,  Katie offers a holistic approach, seeing voice & creative expression as intricately connected with all areas of life.  An experienced facilitator, she brings a full creative toolkit and respects the uniqueness of every person. She offers completely confidential counsel and wise witness.

Steph Turner, Artist and Facilitator

Ts & Cs

Success Stories