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Katie is warm, knowing, wise, friendly and inspirational. ”

— Julie Batsford-White, Writer



Creative Coaching

Claim the Joy, Power & Magic of Your Voice
Bespoke coaching to liberate your creative self-expression

Whether you want to give a kickass wedding song/ speech, birth a creative dream, feel fabulous giving presentations or sing so well in the shower that your neighbours bring you flowers, coaching will support you to meet your goals and deliver with confidence.

Public Speaking is our No 1 fear, studies show, above death! - so it's understandable to get the collywobbles about speaking or singing.  Coaching is a safe space to work through fear, trauma and conditioning, re-align with our inner voice, claim the joy of empowered creative self-expression and create magic in the world.

Learning about your voice is a life life magical adventure with many benefits:

  • Discover your unique voice and authentic creative expression
  • Design and refine songs, stories, pitches, projects & presentations 
  • Build your own personal creative toolkit
  • Reclaim your power from past experiences & performance anxiety
  • Stay tuned and true to your inner voice 
  • Set boundaries  to honour yourself and your creativity
  • Boost your wellbeing - breathe deep, stand tall, feel great!
  • Deliver unforgettable performances to your audience
  • Change the world by fulfilling your creative mission in life.

Online  Sessions  - stay safe and enjoy your session from the comfort of your home or office.

  • One Hit Wonder - a one off session to spark creativity, insight and inspiration. 
  • Coaching Intensives - dive deeper and work towards creative projects goals and visions with a three or six session intensive. Sessions can be booked at your chosen pace - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Reclaim the Past - unlock your inner voice and find freedom from the past

Pricing - see below for Pricing and Ts&Cs - please ask if you need a concession.

Who is it for?
Katie coaches creatives at all stages of their journey - from shy beginners to established film, TV, theatre, music, education and wellbeing professionals. 

Inspirational Coaching   
With 20 years experience of working with individuals, Katie offers a holistic approach, seeing voice & creative expression as intricately connected with all areas of life.  An experienced singer and facilitator, she brings a full creative toolkit and respects the uniqueness of every person. She offers completely confidential counsel and wise witness.

Success Stories

I was so shy about my voice before meeting you that there was no way I could sing in front of anybody. Now I warble as I walk down the street and it makes me feel great. ”

— Sophie Camu - Designer

I sang like I never sang in my life! ”

— Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer

I’d also like to thank Katie Rose, the creative coach mentioned in this introduction for a remarkable coaching session during which the idea for this project was born”

Tim Segaller, Friends in the Frame

'I feel so grateful for the sessions we had together. Although I felt in quite a lot of turmoil at the time, subconsciously our sessions unpacked alot and you really helped build my confidence back up and encouraged me to trust in the process. I think that I have grown alot.... My faith has been restored and I feel inspired by music again. Thank you so much for all you do, sharing your time and energy, your positivity. ”

— Ruth

Ts & Cs