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Vocal Revolution Coaching

Claim the joy, power and magic of your voice & creative expression.
Bespoke coaching to bring on a revolution in your creative world.

For Creatives on a Mission 
Singers, speakers, writers, artists, therapists, educators, theatre professionals, pioneers... 

Do you have a song to sing, a book to write, a speech to give, 
a dream to fulfil or a project to deliver? 

Creative coaching can help you: 

  • Identify your creative goals and set clear steps to completion 
  • Get to know and love your unique voice and creative expression 
  • Build a creative toolkit 
  • Refine and develop healthy vocal technique 
  • Take self-care and set boundaries to honour your creativity 
  • Stay tuned and true to your inner voice 
  • Discover the intelligence within challenges and issues 
  • Understand and release fears and inhibitions 
  • Enhance your storytelling and emotional expression 
  • Connect authentically with your audience 
  • Be seen, heard, honoured and championed 
  • Change your/the world by fulfilling your creative mission
I sang like I never sang in my life! ”

— Juliette Jean Claude – Artist, Performer

Katie is warm, knowing, wise, friendly and inspirational. ”

— Julie Batsford-White, Writer

Creative Coaching 
With 20 years of experience coaching individuals at all stages of their creative journey - from shy beginners to established arts, education and wellbeing professionals,  Katie offers a holistic approach, seeing voice & creative expression as intricately connected with all areas of life.  An experienced facilitator, she brings a full creative toolkit and respects the uniqueness of every person.    She offers completely confidential counsel and wise witness.

With Ita O'Brien at the Women of the Year Awards

With Ita O'Brien at the Women of the Year Awards

Katie Rose and I have been working together since April 2014, initially to support the creation of a devised theatre piece, ‘does my sex offend you?”, and then more recently on the development and implementation of the Intimacy On Set Guidelines and the role of the Intimacy Practitioner in drama schools, and in the profession in theatre and on film. Working with Katie Rose has given me the space to reflect on my experiences as the work has evolved. Katie brings such indepth reflection, clarity and guidance, allowing me to understand the challenges faced and celebrate the times of success. I am so grateful for Katie and her practice for the beautiful space she provides.”

Ita O'Brien - Intimacy on Set Founder & Lead Intimacy Coordinator

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