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Writing Portfolio

With a passion for writing and a degree in English Literature, Katie always has her nose in a book.  An experienced copywriter, she has written for local and international media. Committed to broadcasting positive news, raising awareness of important causes and showcasing thought leaders, her well-researched articles inspire a sense of hope and possibility.

Writing Services include creating and editing

  • succinct how-to articles
  • beautifully presented blog posts
  • inspiring interviews with leading experts
  • insightful event reviews 
  • deep-dive articles on social and personal wellbeing
  • professional press releases 
  • podcast and radio shows scripts

Katie is a columnist for this exciting quarterly international online digital, luxury lifestyle publication providing content and inspiring information to motivate individuals at the turning point of their life.  

Singing Our Way Well, Autumn 2019 Edition

Claiming the Transformative Power of Voice Winter 2019 Edition

“ Katie's style of writing is one that is succinct, to the point and effortlessly honest, laced with wisdom that is transformational by eliciting contemplation and reflection from the reader. Her writing serves to offer readers the chance to patiently and, without judgement, face themselves in order to live their lives with integrity and authenticity.””

Esther Austin, Editor, Turning Point Magazine

Features for fROOTs, the specialist music magazine and authoritative guide to the folk and world music scene which was published from 1979 - 2019. 

Review of Sheila Chandra's Book Organising For Creatives, Oct 2017  featured on Sheila Chandra's website
Within its welcomingly large-print pages, the romantic myth of the crazy artist is deconstructed and replaced with a comprehensive system for self-care - from streamlining shelving to organising last rites.” -  Click for PDF

fROOTS Magazine July 2016
Review of London Lucumi Choir Album, Lullaby for Naila
'The album is a cocoon of cradlesong, which whilst woven from threads far and wide, remains always close, warm and intimate.'

fROOTS Magazine June 2015 - Click for PDF
Feature about Tobias Kaye and Sounding Bowls 
'When a uniquely hand crafted instrument enters a clinical setting such as hospital it stands out'
fROOTS Magazine - Oct 2014 - Click for PDF
Feature about composer, singer and performance creator Helen Chadwick
'By touching people lightly, through the beauty and power of song, Helen's work demonstrates the difference music can make and the truths it can illuminate.'
fROOTS Magazine - Dec 2013 - Click for PDF
Feature on The Spooky Men's Chorale 
'The ability of the Spooky Men to be inclusive of those around them, to validate the 'inner spook' in everyone and give them permission to both express and laugh at themselves seems to be at the core of their magic.'

Wellbeing Publications