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Reclaim the Past

A Unique Journey of Discovery

Unlock the wisdom of your intuition and find freedom from past trauma, recurrent patterns or stories by journeying back to find root causes.  

We journey back not to relive past experiences, but to gain empowering understanding  so we can heal and move forward.   

The session begins with a simple guided relaxation to help you connect to your inner wisdom and gain insight and guidance .

To take a session, you need to be comfortable with visualisation. This involves tuning into the part of our mind that dreams -  our inner movie screen - and tapping into our imagination.  We all do this naturally when we sleep, daydream or meditate.

To Prepare:
* Bring a question or issue to focus on
* Book your session when you have time to relax before and after your session.
* Online Sessions via Zoom so you can relax at home - choose somewhere you can be comfortable, cosy and uninterrupted for 2 hours.
* In Person - by arrangement in Crystal Palace.

Curious? Questions? -


Thank you Katie so much for today's session. It was so deep and right to the point of my issues.”

— Tiziana Kas

I feel so grateful for the sessions we had together. Although I felt in quite a lot of turmoil at the time, subconsciously our sessions unpacked alot and you really helped build my confidence back up and encouraged me to trust in the process. I think that I have grown alot.... My faith has been restored and I feel inspired by music again. Thank you so much for all you do, sharing your time and energy, your positivity.”

— Ruth

Dearest Katie, I want to thank you for the wisdom in your enquiries, the energy you bring and the space you hold. My first session enabled a ‘huge’ breakthrough - and I really do mean breakthrough in accessing a deep understanding and subsequent healing on a part of self that vowed not to step into a particular role again. Not only did I see what happened but the most healing part, why it happened, proving again once you have a true perspective shift everything changes. As you know things unfolded rapidly by the change instantly reflecting in my life and my work. My second session was again a remarkable experience exploring dynamics within self that needed to be reconciled and made whole. The fruits of this session is continuing to unfold at a steady manageable pace. If anyone is at a point they really need to get to the heart of the matter on something they may have been working on for a while I’d highly recommend your service. Thank you so much again for your guidance, insight and care. ” - Ann-Marie
I left the session feeling amazed and energised. Ready for life, even more so.”

— Kylei - Fire Fighter

It was an absolutely magical experience for me. It helped me to go deeper into my subconscious and find deep covert roots of my fears. I feel liberated and empowered after the session. I feel encouraged also to continue with my work and mission. ”

— Donna Maneva

What beautiful and profound experience Reclaim the Past with @katierosewindow is 🌹Guided back to a life before the present; I met the incredible, firecely loving, spirited women behind me. I learned of our journey through life and bought peace to a part of my ancestral lineage 🌹 It bought understanding to who I have been for the last 34 years in this life. It bought peace to both my past and present life. It bought a deeper love and brighter light to the lives of those before me and those who are still with me in spirit. It bought a deeper love, brighter light and connection to myself: My heart, my soul, my spirit, my mind, my body, my earth, my nature🌹 @katierosewindow I cannot express enough gratitude for you! Thank you for what was a life, spirit and soul changing experience. What was a jigsaw puzzle is now a beautiful picture that tells of love, nature and strength 🌹”


The session was deeply meaningful as threads between other lives began to weave together, providing a wonderful tapestry of my soul's journey and lesson plan.”

— Brighitta, Reiki Teacher

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