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 Building community through the magic of harmony singing.

Come & Sing!!!

A massive thanks to Katie Rose for leading us in the Celebratory Sing Along (our final performance at the LondonADASS Carer Festival 2020). It was an amazing performance to conclude a fabulous event. Thank you so much for leading us in such a fantastic ending session, it was lots of fun but also quite moving, a perfect ending to a great day. ”

— Ros Spinks, Carers Leadership Support Manager – Regional, NHS England and NHS Improvement (London) (LondonADASS Carers Festival 2020 steering group member)

Why Sing?

Warning:  Singing can seriously increase your health & happiness! 
Singing in a choir has many wonderful, well researched health benefits including:
Social Vitamins - building oxytocin boosted friendships.
Breathing deep - expanding our breath cycle
Voice gym - gently working out mind, heart, body and soul
Mindfulness - tuning into the present moment
Confidence - lifting spirits & self-esteem
Contribution - raising voices for local/ global causes.
Unity - joining voices with people from different backgrounds
Joy! - enjoying the magic of making music in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

What happens in a choir session? 
We start with a lively, fun, warm up to tune up our voices & connect with each other.  Songs from global genres are taught by ear, call and response, layering harmonies as we build a great sound together.  Plus the all-important tea/chat break and plenty of laughs along the way.

Katie's Approach
Katie has directed sessions for over 20 choirs across London and choral events for organisations including Sing for Water, NHS EnglandSt Christopher's Hospice.  A fully insured, DBS checked member of the Natural Voice Network, she believes everyone has a voice and is committed to leading safe, inclusive choirs with people of all genders, cultures and creeds with zero tolerance for any form of prejudice.
Because Singing Can and Does Change the World...

Katie's love and enthusiasm for singing is infectious. Which means she generates that same love and enthusiasm in others. ”

— Bob Harper

Illustration: David Shrigley

Illustration: David Shrigley

Sing for Water

Sing for Water demonstrates the amazing power of song to make waves in the world
Sing for Water was initiated by composer Helen Chadwick as a project to fundraise for WaterAid at The Thames Festival in 2002.   Mass choral events now take place across the country and have raised over £1.2 million for WaterAid's life-saving projects providing clean water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities. 

Katie Rose has been conducting events for Sing for Water since 2011 and has co-directed Sing for Water London with Michael Harper & Roxane Smith at Totally Thames since 2017.

Sing for Water London 2022 at the Thames Festival - TBC
Co-directed by Roxane Smith and Katie Rose 

Our annual mass choral fundraiser, with UK choirs joining voices to fundraise for WaterAid. 

Community Choirs

The Rose Window Community Projects

Singing for Wellbeing

Helpful Resources & Research