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🌹 🎶 A Singing Valentines


Lark in the Clear Air
Trad Irish Folk Song, SAT Arrangement available from my website 
Dear Friend

🌹 🎶 A Singing Valentine's 🎶🌹
Here I am singing a Valentine's to you from London Town in Frosty February.
Yes, the commercialisation of Valentine's is icky, but I'm always happy to celebrate love in all its rainbow diversity. There are so many amazing forms of love for/ from all our fellow folks and creatures we here on Planet Earth
- the whole thing is one big love symphony.
So today let's all make the symphony sing by doing (at least!)
one loving thing for ourselves and someone else.
A loving thing to do right now for our voices, hearts and lungs is to relax and open our chest - a fun way to do this is to give yourself a big squeeeeeze
then open out your arms with a big AAAHHHH.

Sending LOVE to those impacted by the earthquake in Türkiye & Syria
Here's a powerful playlist from DJ Ritu World in Music 
Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 15 major charities - donations are being matched by the UK government 
Here's Global Citizen's list of other organisations

🌹 🎶 New Adventures 🎶 🌹
The latest adventures cooking in the singing pot include: 
* Roaring Roses - dynamic new vocal ensemble starting in the Spring
* Zingy Sing - Spring Singing Workshop 30th April
* Abseil for George's - I'm going over the edge for St George's Hospital
Coaching & Choirs - 1:1 and group vocal adventures
If you are feeling ready to go over your own personal singing edge 
please check out the info below, visit my website or drop me a line!

I'll close with one of my favourite Rumi Poems:
Let us fall in love again 
and scatter gold dust all over the world
Let us become a new spring
and feel the breeze drift in the heavens' scent.
Let us dress the earth in green
and like the sap of a young tree
let the grace from within sustain us.
Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts
and let them light our way to Love.
The glance of love is crystal clear
and we are blessed by its light.
Rumi, Hidden Music  -
Translated by Maryam Mafi & Azima Melita Kolin

Lots of good singing vibes to you this Valentine's!

Look forward to seeing and singing with you along with way.
Be well, breathe deep and keep singing loudly!

@katierosewindow on the Socials
Katie's Abseil for St George's Hospital - March 17th
I'm going over the edge in support of St George’s Hospital Charity, descending from the top of 13 floor high Pelican Hotel, on the perimeter road of St George’s Hospital and enjoying amazing views of South West London. EEK!

This is my thank you to St George's as I come to the end of 7.5 years leading the Heart & Lung Songs Group for patients with respiratory and cardiac issues, overseen by the Respiratory Physio Team.

Donations Welcome to help improve facilities, provide equipment, enable research and arts activities and support staff at St George's Hospital.
Thank you for your support!
Roaring Roses
Are you ready to ROAR?
Calling spirited singers to join a dynamic new ensemble celebrating the power and beauty of song.
Energising workshops to hone vocal skills and build a richly varied repertoire ready to perform in beautiful, resonant spaces with lots of lion-hearted creative camaraderie.
If you're passionate about vocal music, love performing, have an excellent ear for harmony and pick up fast by ear and/or read music do get in touch 
Zingy Sing!
Sunday 30th April 2-5pm
St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX
Put a singing spring in your step at this fun, energising afternoon workshop of zingy harmonies in good company. Songs of many flavours led by Katie Rose
£25 - do ask if you need a concession
Info and bookings:

🌹 🎶Welcome Choir 🎶🌹
Warm, welcoming lively choir who laugh as much as they sing!
Thursdays 7.00-8.30pm, St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, SE19 2RX
First session free, then pay by term. Facebook Page

🌹 🎶Breathe Harmony NHS Staff Choir 🎶🌹
Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS staff choir run by Breathe Arts Health Research
Led by Musical Directors Mike King & Katie Rose More information

🌹 🎶  BLG Mind Bromley Recovery College Wellbeing Choir🎶🌹
Led by Musical Directors Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 2.30-4pm, Azelia Hall, 258 Croydon Road, Beckenham, BR3 4DA
A lovely blog about the choir: Wellbeing Choir spreads Christmas Cheer

🌹 🎶 Carers Support Centre Choir 🎶🌹
Sing & Shine - Singing Respite Sessions for Carers. 
Weds 10.30-11.45am, Carers Support Centre, 24 George Street, CR0 1PG 
Free for Croydon Carers More information

🌹 🎶 Caterham Community Choir 🎶🌹
Co-Directed by Sarah Fisher & Katie Rose
Tuesdays 7-9pm, de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, CR3 5YX Facebook Page

🌹 🎶 HeartSong 🎶🌹
Happy heartwarming harmonies with Cardiac Friends & Co.
Bi-monthly Singing on Fridays 2-4pm, Holwell Village Hall, Pirton Lane, SG5 3SS

🌹 🎶 Heart & Lung Songs 🎶🌹
Fun Friendly Singing for Cardiac and Respiratory Patients
Overseen by the Respiratory Physio Team at St George's Hospital 
Hybrid Sessions @ All Saints Church, Brudenell Rd, London SW17 8DQ

🌹 🎶 St Christopher's Hospice Choir 🎶🌹
Your voice matters - compassionate empowering singing
Weds 6.30pm - 8pm , St Christopher’s CARE, St Christopher’s Hospice
51-59 Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham London, SE26 6DZ  More information

BLG Mind Wellbeing Choir at a concert with South East London Orchestra
🌹 🎶 Vocal Revolution
Claim the joy, power and magic of your voice & creative expression.
Bespoke coaching to bring on a revolution in your creative world.
For singers, songwriters & speakers and creatives on a mission...

Find out more
Book a free 20-minute consultation

“Mind-blowing session. Love exploring how voice can express truth, embody a vision, bring presence to conversations and so much more.” -  Jini Reddy, Writer