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Marching for Women - March News from Katie Rose 🌹🎶


Exciting Announcement! My New Album Flame will be out Summer 2021
Dear Friend

Marching for Women
This month's edition of the Rose Window Newsletter is dedicated to girls and women worldwide, in celebration of #IWD2021 and Mothers Day

🌹  ANNOUNCEMENT - My New Album Flame will be out in Summer 2021!
 🌹  BLOG/ ZOOMCAST - The Voice of Global Feminism with Raakhi Shah
🌹  BIG FOOD OF LOVE THANKYOU! we raised £343 at our fundraiser!

 🌹 CHOIRS - Zooming through Lockdown 3.0
🌹  COACHING - claim the joy, magic and power of your voice
 🌹  POETRY - Springsong emerging

Thank you for listening, reading and staying tuned!
Sending you all a big singing hug
Stay safe, sane and sound

🌹 🎶 The Voice of Global Feminism 🎶🌹
The magic of March includes International Women's Day 2021 and  Mother's Day. On this month's Vocal Revolution Zoomcast (video below - or listen on Apple Podcasts) Raakhi Shah, CEO of The Circle shared how we can support, celebrate and empower the voices of women and girls worldwide
Here's some reflections on our conversation - we'd love to hear yours! 

1. Circles of Connection
This is the power of the circle ... to bring the voices of women
to the forefront. - Raakhi Shah

When I heard Annie Lennox speak about her charity The Circle at an IWD March 2017, which supports women to form circles which ripple out to community, social, national and global levels, I signed up immediately.  The Circle works on the premise that when women join together, they empower each other. The Circle is made up of overlapping circles- there's a Music Circle, a Healthcare Circle, a Lawyers Circle and Circles for global regions.

2.Global Feminism
 It’s about bringing together a collective of women across borders, building those connections and really supporting each other.
- Raakhi Shah

Global Feminism, the core concept at the centre of the Circle, is based on the understanding that the experiences of women around the globe are diverse and that feminism needs to be supportive and inclusive of women who are excluded or vulnerable.

3.Tea Breaks Down Barriers
You can always hear a cackle of laughter between women, no matter what they’re doing. - Raakhi Shah
Reflecting on how we can build cross-cultural understanding, Raakhi told the story of the Global Music House, where working with Irise International, young women from Uganda and the UK joined together through the power of music to create a global dance hour that people around the world enjoyed.  Having fun, laughing and drinking tea together is all part of making a difference and building connections.

4. Happy International Women's Day!

IWD is such a pivotal global moment for everyone to think about being inspired and recommitting to women’s rights - Raakhi Shah

8 Days of Action - 1st - 8th March
Ideas for ways you can get involved:

Amplify the women in your #CirclesofChange
Celebrate your mum daughter/ granny/ friends/ colleague/ neighbour/ community pioneer/ frontline heroine/ role model. Share and tag The Circle.

Virtually march at the Care March for Women on Sunday 7th March

Join The Circle's IWD Event with Annie Lennox in conversation with Baroness Lola Young on Monday 8th March.

Make a pledge for gender equality
This can be as simple as making time for a chat with a good female friend.
I pledge to continue donating and raising funds and awareness for The Circle
and to continue the work of amplifying women's voices in choirs and coaching.

Wishing you a Magical March and empowering, inspiring
International Women's Day & Mothers Day

🌹 🎶 Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 🌹 🎶
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

I'll be virtually marching for women over 8 days of activism 1st-8th March
on my Social Media - do come and join me!
Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
Transforming the world through voice
The Voice of Global Feminism with Raakhi Shah, CEO of The Circle
Ahead of #InternationalWomensDay​ 2021, Raakhi Shah, CEO of Annie Lennox's charity The Circle, shares how we can support, celebrate and empower the voices of women and girls worldwide. Find out more and get involved at:

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Big Tasty Food of Love Thankyou
To everyone who gave their time, energy, love and donations
Our Fundraiser with Jenny Green & Gill Manly raised £343 for 
St George's Hospital Charity - supporting frontline workers working at our NHS
Matthews Yard Hampers for Children  supporting families struggling to feed their families.  MY also offer a full menu of lovingly prepared food via their Hatch, Deliveroo & Uber.
Choirs Zooming Through Lockdown
Hopefully we are on the final strait, singing our way towards Spring.
At Welcome Choir, we had a rainbow Party to celebrate LGBT History Month.

For more information about:
Caterham Community Choir, Croydon Carers Choir, Lung Songs, ManSong, Welcome Choir, please visit:
Coaching with Katie Rose - Claim the Power, Joy and Magic of your Voice

Coaching with Katie Rose
Claim the Power, Joy & Magic of Your Voice

“A unique opportunity to have attention and input from a highly skilled and talented teacher.” — Roderick Ellis (Bellow Fellows and ManSong Baritone)

Singing or Speaking in Public is our No 1 fear, studies show, above death!  It's absolutely possible to liberate yourself from fear and speak and sing with ease and confidence.    Learning about our voices is a lifelong adventure with many wonderful benefits for our wellbeing.  Find out more

Power Petals - 1 minute tips to help bring your voice up roses
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Bees lapping croci nectar in the honey of the almost Spring sun,
A pale orb hanging in the reflective faces of rocky pools.
Bare trees twizzling their twisted branches towards heaven
Whilst I squelch through winter's muddy residue on earth,
Clambering hills to catch breath and gain perspective
On this strange, ugly-beautiful urban landscape I inhabit.
Here tenacious nature fills whatever pockets she can find
With her wild, enchanting songs, humming with a symphony
Skyscrapers can only point bluntly towards, puncturing skylines
Where birds sail on wings garbed with the promise of Spring.

🌹Katie Rose 20/2/21 - Springsong emerging