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New Year's Inspirations


Dear <<First Name>>

Happy New Year!
Hope you had a safe and peaceful, if strange, Christmas.
In this bumper-packed January Edition of The Rose Window Newsletter enjoy:
* New BLOG - How stay tuned to our New Years Inspirations
* Poem of the month - And Still We Sing
* Vocal Revolution Zoomcast - The Voice of Celebration with Gill Manly
* Singers Salon - one space left!
* Choirs - New Year update
* A Year In Song - Big thanks to all who came to sing in 2020!

New Year's Inspirations
So here we are in January, the month of two headed Janus, the Roman God of Doorways, looking back over the last year and forwards to what we want to create in the next. As we make our resolutions for 2021, here's some insights on the art of getting down to things, gleaned from my experiments
in the time-warped pyjama zone of lockdown.  

Celebration gives us a foundation to build from - a place of strength anchored in gratitude for all the learning and growth, including the bumps along the way.  When we celebrate how far we've come, we generate momentum for what we want to do next.
Undoubtedly there's been massive amounts of challenge, loss and still much uncertainty about what lies ahead, but if nothing else, let's celebrate that we're still here. That in itself is huge. And, if you haven't already, write down at least 10 things from 2020 you can celebrate and feel proud of. 
It will put wind underneath your wings for 2021. 

In times where breath has become even more precious, inspiration is essential for staying on track. It's a magical thing, we breathe in and life happens.
We don't have to resolve to do it - it's organically happening every moment.  Inspiration kickstarts creativity, breathing life and love into our dreams.
So I can take my list of resolutions, breathe life into them and make them happen right now from a place of magic, creation and adventure. 
Resolving to lose weight becomes being inspired to learn about nutrition
and take an online dance class. 
Resolving to do yoga becomes being inspired to spend time stretching and breathing in the morning because I love how it makes me feel
This is much more exciting than repeatedly telling myself I must do something and that I'm wrong if I haven't done it.  Eventually my inner rebel gets tired of that old punishing way of doing things and mutinies,
but it will get fired up and run with inspiration. 

Motivation gets things moving. And the secret to motivation, as any good detective will tell us, is understanding WHY Colonel Mustard took the Candlestick to Miss Scarlett in the Ballroom.  So we have to regularly remind ourselves of WHY we want to do a thing, especially when the going gets tough.  During lockdown, I sorely missed being on my feet conducting and needed to keep my mind, body and spirit moving. Inspired by friends, I started the Couch to 5k and since June I've been running 3 times a week. Some days I don't want to, but I know it's keeping me sane and well, so I run.  Even today, when it was almost snowing and I thought my fingers were going to fall off, I ran.  My Why literally kicks me out the door - Auntie Katie wants to be able to run fast and play chase with her 7 year old nephew when she can see him again, so she runs - which brings me onto...

Connecting and sharing our resolutions, dreams and goals with others exponentially increases success rates. 'Accountability Buddy' is a buzz term which I find a bit off-putting, because it conjures up the image of someone with a clipboard counting what I have/haven't done.  I am however deeply motivated by authentic connection with those who inspire, encourage and cheer me on.  It does not even have to be a real person - my 'coach' for the Couch to 5k was the recorded voice of Olympic runner Michael Johnson telling me how far I'd come and urging me to keep going. By the end I had internalised a new way of talking to myself about running. Previously I said 'no way am I a runner, I will never run,' now I inwardly cheer myself on.  (Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer calls this Installing the Inner Cheerleader
Having set myself the ridiculous task of running home up the steepest hill in London with a 20% incline!?, I congratulated myself each time I ran a bit further to the next car, post box, or lamppost.  I was inspired and motivated by the thought of celebrating with friends, and am now running up the hill!
Developing this encouraging, connected dialogue with self and others has helped me stay the course with creative projects and lockdown challenges. 

Despite the constrictions many of us are still facing, do gift yourself the magic of breathing life, love and inspiration into your dreams and goals, knowing that they have a purpose to fulfil which will bring you into connection with others and be cause for celebration.

If you'd like support staying tuned to your voice and creative projects in 2021,
please do get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful, songful start to 2021

Be well, be safe, breathe deep, sing loudly 
Lots of love, virtual hugs and good singing vibes

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Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
Transforming the world through voice
The Voice of Celebration with Gill Manly
How do we celebrate when our important occasions and rituals - birthdays, weddings, funerals are disrupted by lockdown? Renowned Jazz Singer and Celebrant Gill Manly shares her top tips and pearls of wisdom on staying courageously creative and celebrating in new ways.
Watch out for an exciting new episode on January 22nd
and do let me know if you have any comments, feedback or a question...

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Be sure to attend these Six Singing Salons! Move from singing in the shower to a supportive group, while learning new skills and building confidence along the way. - Bella, London

Singing Our Way Into the New Year
It is looking like a virtual start to 2021, with London in Tier 4, but we've got lots of fabulous songs and good company to lift our spirits, liberate our voices and warm our hearts as we look towards Spring and the coming of the light.
For more information about:
Caterham Community Choir, Croydon Carers Choir, Lung Songs, ManSong, Welcome Choir, please visit:
A Year in Song
This is my way of celebrating the year, to share a singing card, as a thank you to everyone who has shared the beauty of their voices with me. 
It really is a miracle that we found ways to carry on singing through 2020
And the good vibes ripple out...
Through my Honesty Box, over Lockdown 1.0 together we raised £442.50
and over Christmas £76.75 for St George's Hospital Charity.